how to choose the best blog niche topic (with or without any hobby)

how to choose the best blog niche topic (with or without any hobby)

how to find the best blog niche topic

Struggling to know what blog topic idea is best for you?

Blogging gurus say follow your passion/interests/ hobbies.

Well, you may have multiple interests or hobbies or ideas?

But, how do you know which idea will work perfectly for your blogging business?

For that, you need to do some initial research. I will show you how to do that today.

What if you don’t have any such active hobby or interest but still want to start blogging as a business?

Yes, it is possible to start a blogging business and become successful even without any hobby/ interest. Today will show you how to do that.

At the end of this guide, you will be able to choose a profitable blog topic even though you are not actively involved in any hobby/interest.

Let’s get started………..

How to choose a right blog topic out of your interests/hobbies/passions:

Are you passionate about any topic or hobby?

If yes, there is a great chance for you to start a profitable blogging business right from the comfort of your home. In fact, bloggers around the world teach their passions on their blogs.

You will never run out of blog post ideas if you choose a blogging topic you love to learn and teach. Your work will sound a fun to you.

Here is a step by step guide to finding a profitable blog topic out of your passions or interests or hobbies.

Step#1- List out all your interests, passions and hobbies since childhood:

Are you crazy about playing some game? Do you catch awesome photos on your mobile or professional camera? Are you crazy about anything else?

No matter what, list out all your habits and passions you can’t live without.

Here I am listing out my own interests to make you better understand this guide.

Here are my interests/hobbies/passions (that can become my blog topics):

  • I love to learn and teach English and Hindi
  • I play and watch cricket
  • I study Bible daily and have a passion to spread the word of God
  • I am an Electrical Engineer. I can teach basic electrical related topics for beginners
  • I am a tech-savvy guy. I can teach mobile or computer-related techniques to beginners
  • I like android phones and Google products

Like I did, take a notepad and write down all your habits and interests since your childhood.

Next, we will test each of your interests in the following ways to select the best blog topic for you.

Step#2: Test each of your interest in Popularity, Profitability, and Competitiveness:

This is a very important step in selecting your blog topic. If you select any random passion without any research, you may regret being unable to beat the competition. Once you know your competition level beforehand, you will equip yourself enough to outsmart them.

You need to know answers to these questions beforehand:

  • How many people out there are really looking for your interest?
  • Will it be profitable for you?
  • Can you stand out from the crowd? (What is the current level of competition?)

We will use an awesome SEO tool called KWFINDER to answer the above three important questions. This tool retries hidden keyword ideas in your passionate niche topic along with the current SEO metrics.

You will get two benefits from the method I suggest here:

  1. You will get an idea about the existing competition on the niche topics
  2. You will have new keyword ideas to create content on your blog

Retrieve keywords related to your interest:

Take your most passionate topic first. I am considering my first interest “learn English” as an example to proceed further.

Head over to KWFINDER and enter “learn English” in the search box and click search. Kwfinder retrieves 50 keyword ideas limited to 5 queries daily on a free sign up. If you want more keyword ideas and queries, you can enroll in a paid plan.

Have a quick look at the first five results:

Sort all the keyword results in the descending order of search volume and export the results as a CSV file. Next, calculate average values for each metric.

Note: Take more keywords for more accurate competitive research. You get only 50 keywords for a free plan.

Here I am taking the top 10 highly searched keyword ideas about “learning english”:

KEYWORD SEARCH VOLUME/month CPC($) SEO Difficulty(0-100)
learn english 201,000 0.24 50
spoken english 163,778 0.13 40
english conversation 111,068 0.17 36
language learner 74,160 0.53 55
Talk english 74,000 0.2 41
how to learn english 73,990 0.35 48
english speaking course 73,741 0.26 32
how to speak english 60,545 0.13 28
learning english 33,200 0.39 55
business english 33,159 1.01 63
AVERAGE 89,864/month 0.34 $ 45


Analyze the keyword results:

Have a glance at all the results, you will get a rough idea of the popularity and competitiveness of the keywords.

Here is how to understand the results:

Search Volume (Popularity Indicator):

Average monthly Google search volume in last 12 months. This indicates the popularity of the keywords related to your interest. If your blog appears on the first page of Google for these keywords, you will get some of these searching people as unique visitors.

CPC (Ad click Profitability Indicator):

Cost Per Click. This indicates how many dollars advertisers are ready to pay per click. This metric gives you a rough idea of how much you will earn per an ad click. Consider this metric as a measure of profitability for your display ads.

We have taken global search volume here. The CPC rates for tier-1 countries US, UK, Canada and Australia are much higher than these values.You can select a specific country at the time of retrieving the results.

SEO Difficulty Score (Competition Indicator):

An overall keyword SEO difficulty score. Calculated as the average Link Profile Strength (LPS) of URLs ranking in the 1st Google SERP(Search Engine Results Page). Min = 0, Max = 100.

This metric gives you an idea of how COMPETITIVE are keywords in your interested niche topic.

Here are KWFINDER keyword SEO difficulty ranges:

Kw finder SEO difficulty score ranges

SEO difficulty scores less than 40:

If you find keywords with SEO difficulty score up to 40, they are less competitive.That means authoritative blogs in this niche have not yet created content around these keywords or the existing content is not that authoritative with quality backlinks.

So, you have a great opportunity to start a blog in this niche and quickly gain search traffic and become authoritative.

SEO difficult score >55 :

These keywords very competitive.That means content around these keywords has already become authoritative with quality backlinks and social shares etc.That said, if you create content around these keywords, you will compete with authority domains.

So, if you start a blog to write about these topics, you will have to take the challenge of outsmarting the competition.

You need to create something better than existing content and gain enough quality backlinks to outsmart your competitors.

Repeat step#2 for all the interests you have listed at step#1. Calculate average values for all the metrics just like I did in the above table.

Now, you have enough data about all your interests to choose which is best for you.

Step#3: Choose the best niche blog topic:

After getting reliable keyword metrics from KWFINDER, now you have enough data to take a decision.

If you luckily get a niche topic with keywords of decent search volume and low SEO difficulty scores, thank God and choose it immediately without any ado.

You rarely get high search volume and commercial intent keywords with low SEO difficulty scores. So, you need to make a decision first.

But wait……

Your decision depends upon what you believe about yourself.

Choose competitive niche topic only when you are confident enough:

It is a bit difficult job to become someone in a competitive niche.


…Because competitive keywords like “business English” are very profitable. Getting 10 converting visitors is way better than 1000 non-converting ones.

Choose competitive (profitable) niche only when your mindset is like this:

  • I want a profit-making blog no matter what?
  • When others could do it, why can’t I?
  • I want to work hard to beat the competition
  • I am sure I can do better than my competition
  • I will research room for improvement and will add better content on my blog than existing content
  • I will take the challenge of building quality backlinks
  • I will bring enough traffic to my blog from other channels if search traffic is competitive

Take Brian Dean from Backlinko as an inspiration for you. He chose a niche called SEO which is crazily competitive. He chose to compete with authority industry leaders like Moz, Neil Patel, Ahrefs etc.

Because of adding much better content with real research, Backlinko is now a leader in the SEO industry in spite of heavy competition.

Choose low competitive niche if your mindset is like this:

  • I am a beginner and I don’t want to take challenge or risk
  • I am not confident enough to enter a competitive niche
  • I don’t have enough time for blogging. I want less work and small income is okay for me.
  • Low competitive keywords bring less traffic and are less profitable. Its okay for me.

Choosing a blog topic without having any interest/hobby:

Blogging gurus teach that you need to have an active hobby or interest to start a blog.

What if you don’t have any such hobby just like me?

It is still possible to start a blogging business even if you don’t have any active hobby/interest.

All that you need is a passion to start a blog and make money online.

When I first heard about blogging as a business, it sounded awesome for me. So, I thought of starting blogging immediately as I wanted to make money online.

But I have faced one starting problem:

“I did not know enough of any topic to teach others on my blog”

I wanted to start a blog but I didn’t know what I will write on my blog.

So, I have started first researching which topic will be best for me.

After a rigorous research of more than a year, I recommend you the following technique:

  • Choose an Evergreen and profitable niche
  • Narrow down the niche to a particular topic in that niche
  • Research and learn the topic enough for some months
  • Research what is lacking in that niche topic
  • Be unique and fill the gaps with your blog
  • Become confident and Start your blog on that topic

Choose an Evergreen and Profitable niche:

An evergreen niche is a group of topics that never run out of demand. Also, things do not change that much over the years in that niche.

Here are some evergreen niches:

  • Make Money Online
  • Finance
  • Weight loss
  • Muscle building
  • Dog training
  • Dating
  • Learning new languages
  • Parenting etc

If you choose an evergreen niche, your one-time work will pay you back multiple times over the years. As you don’t have any prior hobby, you have complete freedom to choose an evergreen niche. Therefore, choose an evergreen niche always.

Our next consideration is profitability. You need to know whether the niche you choose will be profitable for you or not.

To test a niche for profitability, just ask yourself these important questions:

  • Can I sell my audience any products preferably digital products?
  • The CPC rates for display ads in that niche are high enough or not?
  • Can I create myself my own products like ebooks, online courses etc in that niche?

Choose that niche only if you get a resounding yes to any of the above three questions.

For example, I am taking “make money online” niche as my preference. It is an evergreen because people want to earn money as long as human life exists. That too, earning online has already become a very hot topic.

If we test it for profitability, “make money online” niche passes all of the above three questions.You can sell digital products to your audience, the CPC rates are pretty high and you can create your own products too.

Narrow down the niche to a particular topic in that niche:

Let us continue with our example. “Make money online” niche is a very broad topic. In fact, there are hundreds of ways to make money online.

If you choose a broad topic, you may never completely understand what products your audience really needs.You will get traffic but it won’t be profitable enough. Also, if you completely cover a particular topic on your blog, your search engine ranking will be high on that topic.

For example, here are some ways to make money online:

  • Blogging
  • Freelancing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Starting own online business
  • Taking online surveys
  • Data entry jobs
  • Review websites & apps for cash
  • And the list goes on and on

To narrow it down, I am choosing blogging as my favorite one. Choose your own favorite niche and narrow it down to a more specific topic.

Research and learn the topic enough for some months:

Nowadays, you have blogs, online resources and courses to learn any topic. As you are dedicated to starting blogging as a business, learning a new topic thoroughly is essential.

The other blogs in your niche also have learned in the same way. No one learns everything from the mother’s womb. “Need is the mother of invention”. You need to start blogging and that’s why you need to learn something new.

Considering our blogging topic as an example you would learn some things like

  • How to blog better online
  • How to attract traffic to blogs
  • How to grow an email list
  • How to earn money from blogging
  • How to create ebooks and online course
  • Learn everything in your chosen topic that will be useful to your future blog audience

Gain enough knowledge and expertise on the topic you have chosen for some initial months. It takes time but it is worth it.You will add learn a new skill to your life and will get ready to start a blog.

Research what is lacking in that niche topic:

Whatever the topic you choose, there are already thousands of blogs that cover it. Competition is huge and is good too. Fortunately, there is still room for improvement in every niche.

Do some Google searches on some keywords in your niche topic. Closely observe the content of the top three Google results.

Is there any room for improvement?

Can you write and present in a better way than the existing content?

What are Google searchers looking for and what is lacking in your competitors’ content?

There you go….you have got some confidence now…..

Become confident and Start your blog on that topic:

Once you learned the topic enough and researched the gaps in your competitors’ content, you have enough confidence to start your blog.

First set up a plan about what you will write on your blog. Then, go ahead and start your blog. You will learn more things as you move forward with your blog.

Be unique and fill the gaps with your blog:

When I said learn from other blogs, I didn’t mean you just copy them. You need to be unique in your own perspective. Make sure your blog offers a special experience to your audience.

After knowing what lacks in your competitor’s content, it is time for setting up the style of your blog. Create your content to fill the existing gaps.

Did they write 1000 word article? then, you will add more value with some 2000 word posts. Do better than others. Create infographics. Do whatever it takes to make your blog better than others.

How To Choose The Best Blogging Business Strategy

How To Choose The Best Blogging Business Strategy

blogging business strategies

If you start a blogging business without a proper strategy in your mind, you will end up scratching your head and will finally fail to make a decent blogging income.

When I said blogging business strategy, I meant “ After regularly adding content and getting traffic, how will you actually earn income? What is the idea in your mind about your business? Will it really work? Will it sustain? Is there any strategy in your mind even before you start a blog?”.

Today, I will discuss the top 5 profitable blogging business strategies that work in the real world of blogging.

At the end of this post, you will be able to decide which blogging business strategy is right for you……

Let’s get started……

Strategy#1- Place Display Ads, Sit back and Enjoy Ad Income:

This business strategy works like this:

  • You will create enough useful content in the beginning to make your blog a good resource for your readers
  • You will work hard in the beginning to improve your blog rankings and traffic
  • You will place simple display ads like Adsense etc on your blog
  • At the end of the month or week, get payments from your ad clicks or impressions
  • Keep adding content as per your own schedule( thrice in a week, twice in a week etc).This makes your business become big, sustainable and profitable.
  • Just ensure your blog rankings do not drop.Sit back and enjoy the ad revenue.

This business strategy is best for you if you don’t know what products your blog audience is really in need of.

For example, consider website provides how-to guides on every topic on the earth.They really don’t know what products their readers need. So, WikiHow uses Adsense ads to generate income from its website.You can also consider news publishing websites as an example of this strategy.

This business strategy suits any kind of niche blog. No matter what topic your blog discusses about, you will certainly generate some income from your blog by display ads.

It’s simple but powerful enough (but not as profitable as other strategies)


Third-party display ads like Adsense Ads slow down your website and irritate some of your readers.

Key takeaway:

Choose this blogging strategy only if you don’t know what products or services your blog readers are desperately in need of.

Strategy#2- Choose Some Affiliate Products, Promote them and Enjoy Affiliate Commissions

This strategy best suits you if you don’t have your own products but you know what products your readers actually need.

This strategy works like this:

  • You will first find out what your readers are trying to accomplish. Then, you will find reliable products or services that help them accomplish their purpose.
  • You will create quality content to build a resourceful blog for them
  • You will work hard, in the beginning, to attract those interested readers and build rankings.
  • You will place contextual affiliate product links in your blog’s content (which they actually read)
  • They will purchase them from your affiliate links because they need them and they trust you enough to use your affiliate links
  • Get your affiliate commissions and enjoy
  • You will make sure that you regularly add useful content to keep up your readership and your blog rankings

Let me walk you through a real-life example to make you better understand this strategy.

Pat Flynn from teaches his readers, “how to build and grow online businesses”. He creates helpful business-related guides in the form of blog posts, podcasts and videos etc on his blog.

Obviously, he knew before that his blog visitors are trying to build an online business.

To build and grow an online business, they require products like web hosting, email marketing service, keyword tools etc.

He simply created a business tools page listing all the products he uses for his business. As his blog readers trust him enough because of his quality content, they voluntarily visit his tools page and purchase products from his affiliate links.

Key Takeaway:

First better understand what your readers are trying to accomplish. Then, research about trustworthy products to help them accomplish their job. Don’t recommend them the products you don’t trust and use.If you do so, you will lose the trust of your readers.

Strategy#3- Review Amazon Products, Get Sales and Enjoy Amazon Checks:

Needless to say, Amazon is the biggest shopping portal people trust and shop.

Are you a crazy amazon shopper? Purchased some handful of products from Amazon?

Honestly, review them on your blog. Place Amazon affiliate links in your reviews and enjoy commissions from Amazon.

This blogging business strategy works like this:

  • You choose a category of products from Amazon (Choosing a single category is best for Google rankings)
  • You will first review on your blog the products you have purchased from Amazon.To write reviews products you didn’t purchase, you will collect real information about the quality of the product (either from friends or from internet)
  • You will make your blog resourceful enough with reviews of good quality products in a certain category
  • You will work hard in the beginning to build rankings and to attract traffic
  • Enjoy Amazon checks as your visitors purchase from your Amazon

A real-life Amazon product review blog example:

A website is listing and reviewing productivity planners available on Amazon. The administrators have worked enough to build this blog’s rankings.

Have a look at this screenshot:

"best gratitude journal" google query results is ranking at No:1 position on Google for a well-targeted keyword “best gratitude journal(US search volume 260/month)”.They listed 6 best gratitude journals (with Amazon affiliate links) on this page with relevant details a purchaser really needs.

As they click on these affiliate links, they are taken to Amazon website where they purchase the journal they like and this makes affiliate commissions for

Key takeaway:

Choose an Amazon product category with decent commission percentage and less competition. Review the products or write some useful information on your blog about these products. Build Google rankings for the keywords the buyers search for. Place Amazon affiliate links contextually and enjoy commissions.

Strategy#4- Catch their Emails, Create Ebooks, Sell the E-books to your list and enjoy Book Sale Revenue:

This strategy works like this:

  • You will create valuable content in your chosen niche
  • Work hard to build rankings and traffic
  • Catch the email addresses of your visitors by offering an interesting short ebook as a freebie.You will make an email list with your loyal subscribers over the course of time.
  • Create an ebook on a topic your subscribers die for getting access.
  • Fix the price of the Ebook and sell it to your subscribers
  • Keep creating content, getting new subscribers and creating new ebooks on interesting topics

A real-life example:

Pat Flynn has created an ebook “Will it fly?”. He created this book on a most important business topic, “how to validate your business idea?”.

Have a look at his December 2017 Book sales report:

"will it fly" book sale income

He published this book in February 2016. It made him tons of dollars since launch and is still making him money.

Have a look at what he said about his book on his blog in March 2016:

"will it fly " book peformance

Just in a month of launch, it generated $45,083.14 in book sales and still counting.

What a money making machine?

That’s the power of ebooks if you create a copy that stands out.

Key Takeaway:

Create ebook on a topic people love to purchase and read. Provide enough value in it so that they compel themselves to recommend it to others.

Strategy#5- Catch Their Emails, Create Online Courses, Sell Online Courses To Your List and Enjoy Sales:

The most profitable blogging business strategy is creating and selling online courses.

People are ready to pay you if you create a helpful online course to solve their problem or help achieve their goal.

This strategy works this way:

  • You will create content, build ranking and get traffic to your blog
  • You will catch email addresses of your loyal subscribers and make an email list
  • You will create an online course for your subscribers to solve a difficult problem or help them learn something new and interesting topic or help them achieve their goal.
  • You will fix the price of the course based on the value it delivers (they usually start from $97 and can reach up to $2000 or $3000 per subscriber)
  • You will sell your online course to your subscribers on the list (you can also sell your course at other marketplaces like Udemy, ClickBank etc)
  • Regularly add content, keep up the rankings, get new subscribers, create new courses.This way you will run a sustainable blogging business.

A Real life example:

Let us take Pat Flynn again as a role model for our strategy. Pat has created a wonderful online course,”Smart from Scratch”. This course helps his subscribers learn “how to start an online business from scratch”.He sells this course to only his loyal subscribers.That too, a limited number of enrollments per annum are allowed.

Have look at his November 2017 course sales snap:

"smart from scratch sale income"

He made $20,291 from “Smart from Scratch” course itself. The other two courses also made him handsome money.

Key takeaway:

Write such a content on your blog that makes you loyal subscribers. Earn their trust. Create online courses on topics they desperately need. Sell your courses to your loyal subscribers.

Strategy#6- Create Your own digital product, Catch their emails, Sell your products and Enjoy Income:

This business strategy requires some extra resources other than blogging. You will create your own digital product or service like WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, Optin forms service, Email Marketing service, Social sharing buttons Service etc

You can create your own product if you are a developer.


You can hire a developer from freelance sites like to create one for you.


You can purchase a product from where developers make and sell product related websites too.

This strategy works this way:

  • You will first create your own product or service and will set the cost of your product.
  • You will add content related to your product topics on your blog
  • You will build rankings and will attract clients who may be interested in your product
  • You will catch their emails, introduce your product, explain how your product helps them reach their goals and will make sales.
  • Keep adding content, attracting new visitors and make them your customers.

A real-life example:

Consider created awesome products like WordPress plugins, WordPress themes etc.

They have added a blog on their website where they teach tutorials, tips, resources, and reviews to help out any WordPress user.This is the best way to attract potential clients.

They use opt-in forms on their blog to convert their visitors into customers.

What an awesome way to sell their own products?

I really like that……….

Key takeaway:

Put efforts to create some awesome digital products in any particular niche. Add content to your blog around keywords your potential clients search for. Work hard to rank for them. Convert your visitors into customers and enjoy the profits

Now It’s your turn, Choose your blogging business strategy:

Every successful blogging business falls under any one of the above strategies.If you better understand your audience, you can mix these strategies to make it more profitable for you.

My recommendations to help you choose your blogging business strategy:

If you are a developer, selling your own digital products is the best blogging business strategy for you.

If you don’t know enough about your audience, never choose any kind of product selling strategies.You won’t make decent sales.Display Ads is the best bet for you but make sure you don’t irritate your users with ads.

If you better know your audience, better stay away from display ads.They affect your user experience. Try to sell something that really helps them.

Now, it’s time to choose your favorite business strategy.

What strategy are you currently implementing on your blog?

Is it profitable enough for you?

Share your experiences with us through comments.

Want To Start Blogging As Business ? Know These Things First

Want To Start Blogging As Business ? Know These Things First

exploring blogging business idea

Blogging is a wonderful idea to start an online business with almost no investment. If you are a student or homemaker or day job holder or anyone with basic computer skills, you can easily start a blogging business from the comfort of your home.

The basic business model is, you will start a blog, attract traffic (visitors) and will monetize it to make money for you. It’s a legitimate and proud way to make money online.

Remember, everyone does not succeed at blogging business. Not to discourage you but to reveal you the realities of blogging world today. Don’t take a blogging business decision in a hurry and regret it later.

Today in this post, I will walk you through every possible fact you must know before starting a blogging business.

At the end of this guide, you will be able to decide whether blogging business is a right choice for you or not.

Excited? ……….. Let’s get started………

The basics of blogging business?

You own some web space on the world wide web and publish some content on that space.The process of publishing regular content on your blog is called blogging.The content can be text, images, videos, infographics, podcasts etc.

Your blog’s published content is visible to anyone in the world with an internet connection. Search engines like Google, Bing etc can also read and index your content.You can hide your content with a password if you wish to do so.

The basic idea is you have some information or techniques or ideas that visitors are interested to read. You publish that content on your blog. Visitors will come and read your blog’s content.

For example, if you know some photography techniques or skills, you can teach them on your blog. If your content really delivers value or entertainment or something else to visitors, more and more people will visit your blog.This makes your blog popular and successful.

Once your blog attracts enough visitors, you have some techniques to make money from your blog. For example, you can place some advertisements on your blog or sell some products to your visitors that make you money. There are numerous legitimate ways of making money from your blog which I will share with you later on this blog.

What can be your blog’s content?

The content of your blog can be about anything that interests your visitors.There are not any restrictions about your blog’s content unless it offends or violates any statutory laws.You should never copy content from other blogs. (If you do, you will face copyright infringement)

The majority of content you read on the internet comes from blogs. In fact, Google pulls content from blogs and presents you in its search results. Blogs are becoming powerful day by day.

Here are some quick ideas to the content of a blog:

  • Weight loss tips
  • Nutritional information blog
  • Food recipes blog
  • Sharing personal experiences
  • Teaching English grammar
  • Photography tips
  • Technology tips
  • News related to any topic
  • Bible study tips
  • Blog about personal finance tips
  • The list goes on and on…………….

I will bring to you various blogging ideas with detailed statistics in the future posts. So, keep an eye on future posts or subscribe to the newsletter.

The benefits of blogging business:

Well, if you happen to start a blogging business either full time or part time and become successful, then the comforts and profits of blogging business are pretty impressive.

Have a look at some of them:

  • You will work with flexibility:

You can work from anywhere in the world on any day of the week at any time of the day

You are the boss. So, you decide the schedule of your work.

You are the owner of your blogging business. So, you can do whatever you want with your business. None will restrict in any front.

In fact, once your blog becomes popular, you can provide employment to others like blog writers, web developers, moderators etc

Very proud feeling, right?

  • Sky’s the limit for your blogging income:

The income from blogging business has no limits.That said, if you manage to get millions of converting visitors, your annual income can touch millions of dollars.

Blogging income = Blog traffic x Conversion rate x income per each conversion

  • You just need to invest meager amount:

You don’t need much investment to start a blogging business.

You will need to pay for the following:

Your blog’s domain name: starts at 10 $/year

Hosting your blog files: starts at 3 $/month for a single domain

You can use free WordPress theme and free plugins if you are on a low budget.

Optional expenses:

1. Purchase a WordPress theme: starts at 39 $ one-time cost

2. Purchase premium plugins (cost depends on the type of plugin)

3.  Any other SEO or Blogging tools

  • You will become Popular and Influential:

Once your blog becomes successful, your name will be heard everywhere on the internet.You become influential in your niche. So, people will chase you to have interviews with you. Brands will try to approach you to advertise their products.

  • You will build a long-term sustainable business:

If you ever wanted to start a steady and long-term business, blogging is the best option. In fact, I have started my blog at 27 and I plan to blog even after retirement. This gives me some confidence that I can work from home even after retirement.

  • You will reap the benefit of Self Improvement:

You will become a better writer day after day. You will learn yourselves so many things like SEO, graphic designing, monetization strategies, business strategies etc

In fact, blogging has taught me one important thing: the hard work

  • You will build better relationships:

You will get loyal followers. You will advise and lead them as you interact with them on social media and blog commenting.You will build a better relationship with other bloggers, influencers, and brands in your niche.

How do blogging businesses usually attract traffic:

Well, after creating a blog and publishing valuable content, the most important and challenging job of blogs is to find readers. In fact, the bread and butter of blogs is traffic because traffic converts into money.

Where do these readers actually come from?

This is a vital question to ask before you make your mind to start a blogging business.

Here is a list of sources blogs on the internet attract visitors from:

1. Search Engines (Dominantly Google):

The most popular search engines are Google, Yahoo.Bing, Yandex, Duckduckgo etc. The #1 traffic source for any successful blog is Google.

After researching thousands of popular blogs for more than a year, I found that more than 60% of their traffic came from Google itself.

Felt difficult to believe me?

Let me show you a practical example.

Head over to Google and type “chicken recipes”.

Here is the screenshot of results:

The first result is from blog “”.

Now let’s see how much traffic this blog gets and where it actually comes from.

Head over to and paste the URL of the above blog and click Search.

Have a look at the results: traffic traffic sources

This blog receives 1.5 million visits/month out of which 78.74% is from search engines (Google).

About traffic from Google:

Organic traffic from search engines is FREE. Traffic from Google search is well targeted and converts into money. Google is the most valuable source of traffic to bring UNIQUE (new) visitors to your blog.

Every created blog does not receive traffic from Google.Google sends traffic to blogs based on their RANKINGS. Only high ranking blogs on Google get maximum traffic.

Blog’s that appear on the first page of Google results for a particular keyword query receive traffic for that keyword search volume. High keyword search volume brings high traffic. The first three results get lion’s share of traffic.

How does Google rank blogs?

Google ranks websites based on various factors (200 Google ranking factors). To get a quick idea, have a look at these most prominent factors among them.

  • The authority of your domain based on backlinks (links to your blog from external websites)
  • The quality and value your content delivers to searchers (content is king)
  • The relevance of your content to the queried keyword
  • The user experience of your blog (Do users love and engage with your blog?)
  • Does your blog serve the intent of users Google sends to your blog? Otherwise, they will bounce back by hitting the browser back button.

You need to learn and implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to receive search engine traffic.You will find various free blogs like Backlinko, Neilpatel etc to learn SEO.

The reality of traffic from Google:

You cannot expect traffic from Google overnight. New blogs don’t receive traffic from Google immediately after adding content. You need to make your blog authoritative by adding quality content and building authority backlinks over the course of time.

Once you are successful in gaining good rankings for your blog, you can sit back and enjoy the traffic and therefore money. Income from Google traffic is regarded as passive income. That said, you will work hard in the beginning to build your blog rankings and will enjoy the traffic and money rest of the time (passive).

#2. Social Media:

Social media traffic is a boon for new blogs. Unlike Google traffic, you don’t need much authority but just followers to get social media traffic to your blog.

If you publish interesting content, your blog posts have the potential to go viral by the power of social media shares. Content with great visuals works better for social media traffic.

The most prominent social media websites that bring traffic to blogs:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Reddit
  • Google+
  • Linkedin
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Whatsapp etc

Beginner bloggers usually generate traffic from Facebook groups and Pinterest boards.

You can also consider paid traffic from social networks if you have some advertising budget.

#3. Referral Traffic:

Referral traffic comes from other popular websites through backlinks.

For example, if your blog is featured on a popular Publication like New York Times, you will start receiving referral traffic from that website.

You need to network with influencers and other bloggers in your nice to gain enough backlinks for referral traffic.

#4. Direct traffic

People who directly visit your blog by your brand name. They can come directly either from typing your domain name in browser URL or from browser bookmarks or by entering your brand name in Google.

These visitors trust and love your blog as you have gained them over the course of time.

Direct traffic converts into money pretty well because your visitors trust you enough.

#5. Email traffic

Email traffic starts flowing in once you build your email list with enough subscribers.

You will start catching emails of your website visitors to make an email list.Then, you can send a quick overview of your blog posts to your email subscribers and enjoy email traffic.

It takes some time to build an email list of enough subscribers and therefore email traffic. It all depends on the performance of your blog.

Bloggers say, “The money is in the list”.

That said, you can use your email list to attract traffic and earn money from it.

Just like direct traffic, email traffic also converts very well into money because they trusted you enough to give you their emails.

#6. Paid traffic:

No need to explain much about it. Simply throw some money and get traffic.

The idea behind paid traffic is you will spend some money to get traffic to your blog. Then, you will convert that traffic to make some sales and will enjoy the return on your advertising investment.

Here are Some popular paid advertising options:

  • Google AdWords (both search and media ads)
  • Direct advertising on blogs(Buysellads)
  • Facebook ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Reddit Ads
  • Quora Ads etc

How does your blogging business make you money?

Well, you have built a blog, added some content and got some readers.

Now, the interesting question is “how do you make money from your blog?”

Fortunately, there are enough LEGITIMATE ways to convert your traffic into money.

Here are the real working ways to make money from your blog:

#1. Sell Affiliate Products :
#2. Sell your own products:
#3. Sell direct advertising
#4. Sell ads through Ad Networks
#5. Sell Amazon Products :
#6. Sell Sponsored Posts:
#7. Sell membership subscriptions:
#8. Write Paid Product Reviews:
#9. Sell freelancing services on your blog:
#10. Sell your consulting services on your blog:
#11. Sell Sponsored emails to your Subscribers:
#12. Accept Donations On Your Blog:
#13. Create niche blogs and sell them on Flippa:

Read more about how above methods work to make money from blogging

How long does it take to make a decent income from blogging?

Blogging business is like building a beautiful house first and then enjoying the comforts again and again later.Just like building a nice house takes some time, so is the case with blogging business.

In the initial months, you will build your blog, create enough valuable content and will promote your content to get interested readers.Obviously, during this building time, you will get nil or meager income from your blog.

The actual time to make decent income depends on your work efficiency and competitiveness of your blog’s niche. If you choose low competition niche and work regularly to create useful content, your blog can make a decent income after the very first year.

Remember, it takes a few months to build a decent ranking authority to get Google search traffic.

If you can somehow manage to get enough social media traffic (from facebook groups, Pinterest boards etc), you can fill your pocket with blogging income in the very first month itself.

Have a look at some real-life examples to get a clear idea:

Example-1: A 3-year-old blog started in January 2015:

Kristin Larsen from blog has started her blog in January 2015 as a side hustle. She started earning from her blog just after 2 months. She earned $ 56.83 in March 2015.

She did not believe in the beginning that blogging can make real and legitimate earnings..

believe in a budge logo income information

Her blogging income in October 2015 has grown to $3634.28 after 10 months of starting her blog. This made her confident enough to quit her day job and make blogging a full-time career.

Here is a link to her first blogging income report.

Example-2: Latest blog started in June 2017:

Koni from started his blog in July 2017 and made $50 after the fourth month.

Here is his 4th-month income report. He got 4647 sessions in October 2017 which came dominantly from Pinterest.

I am not here to lie to you saying that blogging business can make you a millionaire quickly just to make a web hosting affiliate sale. But I am honestly showing you the realities of the blogging business. It takes time and effort to build your blog and convert it into a money-making machine.

The reality:

Getting traffic to new blogs is a BIG CHALLENGE nowadays.

But if you work properly to grab the opportunities, you can easily overcome this challenge.

Can Blogging be a full time or part-time business?

Blogging business does not generate revenue overnight. It takes months even years in some cases to earn your first dollar.You will improve your blog’s rankings over the period of months and years.

Don’t do the mistake of leaving your 9 to 5 job in hope of starting a full-time blogging career. Many teach on the internet that you can make millions with blogging. It’s true but it does not happen with every blogger that quickly.

My advice is first to try blogging business in the initial months as a side hustle. See for yourself what works and what does not. If you make a steady income from blogging which gives you enough confidence that you can leave your day job and blog full time, then only leave your day job.This keeps you financially safe even if you happen to fail at blogging.

So, start part time and make it a full-time career only after you get a sustainable income from blogging.

The present scenario of blogging business:

“Build it, they will come to read” adage does not work in the present blogging scenario of 2018 and beyond.

In the past, it was not that difficult to get blog readers because there was less competition. But, nowadays you need to stand out from the crowd by showing your uniqueness.

Here is the present scenario:

Almost all topics are covered:

You will find no topic in any niche uncovered by blogs. You will find authoritative domains in almost all topics. You need to be unique in your own style to attract enough readership beating the competition.

Tons of legitimate monetization options:

Unlike in the past, you have so many legitimate and profitable monetization techniques to earn from your blog. Just get readers and they will get you money. No need to worry about how you will make money from your blog.

Difficult to get Google rankings:

If you happen to choose a competitive niche, you will have to compete with already established authoritative blogs. If you choose a low competitive niche, you will find few readers.

So, you need to wisely choose a niche topic with reasonable competition and enough readers.

After choosing the topic, you need to publish quality content that is better than that of your competition. Give some boost by gaining quality backlinks and social shares.

Power of Social Media traffic:

After evolution of social media networks, people spend crazy time on social media. The power of social shares can make your blog famous just in the matter of days.

Social media traffic is quick and comparatively easy to gain. If you adopt a right social media strategy, your blog can quickly become successful.

The difficulties of blogging business:

You need to keep in mind one fact: “Every blog started on the Internet does not generate traffic and income”

You need to overcome some difficulties in the beginning.

You will actually face the following difficulties in the initial stages of the blogging business.

Generating traffic:

You will create your blog and will add awesome content but you will find it hard to attract some readers in the beginning.

Traffic from Google is almost nil for new blogs.You need to reach them wherever they hang out like facebook, Pinterest etc to gain initial readers.

Believe me, this is the blogging activity I hate most.

Initial hard working hours:

You need to sit in front of your computer hours together in the beginning to build, design, create content, get readers, think of monetization methods etc

These tasks take so many hours of your hard work before you become someone on the internet.

Link building:

To get effortless traffic and passive income, your blog needs to gain good rankings on Google. For that, you need backlinks from trustworthy domains in your niche.

You need to make some hard efforts like guest posting etc to build these backlinks.

Now It’s your turn, Can you start a blogging business?

Anyone can start a blogging business. You don’t need any approvals from any statutory bodies. You can start your blog right now if you wish to do so. But, it’s not a best-fit everyone.

After going through all the realities of blogging business, now it’s your turn to decide whether to start such a business or not.

Don’t start a blogging business if you

  • Want to earn money online QUICKLY
  • Your Sole motto is to make money without working hard and delivering value
  • Hesitate to advise others on your blog
  • Are not passionate about any topic (Any hobby, studies, games, business etc)
  • Don’t have interest or time to learn new skills

If any of the above points are true in your case, you had better look for other online business ideas.

I hope you don’t fall into the above category. If yes,

Start a blogging business if you want to

    • build a long-term sustainable online business
    • Work from home/anywhere conveniently no matter how hard blogging feels to you
    • Earn passive income (build once and enjoy rest of the time)
    • If you have very low budget to start other online businesses
    • Become a solo entrepreneur over the course of time

Are you ready to start your blogging business now?

13 Easy Ways Bloggers Make Money and How You can Too

13 Easy Ways Bloggers Make Money and How You can Too


13 ways bloggers make money

Do you want to know, “How do bloggers usually make money?”

Are you looking for some working ideas on how to make money from blogging?

Look no further, you have come to a right place.

If you unknowingly practice a wrong monetization method, you will leave your blogging income on the table.

To help you choose a right money making way, today I will walk you through best monetization methods real bloggers use to make money from their blogs.

At the end of this comprehensive guide, you will be able to decide which method is right for your blogging business and how to get started on each method.

Let’s dive right in…..

Powerful ways to make money from your blog:

Well, you have built a blog, added some content and got some readers. Now, the interesting part of blogging is monetizing your traffic.

How would you actually fill your pocket from your blog’s traffic?

Fortunately, there are enough legitimate ways to help you make money from your blog.

Here are the real working ways to make money from your blog:

#1. Sell Affiliate Products :

Have you purchased a hosting service to start your blog?

Do you trust and love your hosting company?

If yes, recommend your hosting provider to your visitors through an affiliate link (provided by hosting company after you join its affiliate program).

If they purchase the hosting from your affiliate link, you will get a commission from the hosting company per each sale.The affiliate company will handle the sales, delivery, service, customer support, returns etc. All that you have to do is, send your visitors to affiliate company’s website.

Important: Your visitors will not be charged anything extra if they use your affiliate link. Instead, they will receive some discount if you happen to offer one. The commission amount you receive is completely borne by the affiliate company without burdening the customer with any extra cost.

It’s not just hosting service, you can promote any product you love or the product your visitors desperately need.

Bloggers call this process as “affiliate marketing”. Affiliate marketing is the most popular monetization strategy among bloggers to make money from their blogs.

The affiliate commissions for digital products are very impressive. These commissions start from 30% of product cost and can be as high as 90% with some products.

Why should you choose affiliate marketing?

  • All that you do is to send your visitors to the seller’s website. As simple as that. No other headaches.
  • It is seller’s responsibility to sell, deliver, and service the customer. You are no way responsible.
  • It’s a win-win-win process.You profit by getting a commission amount, your customer profits by purchasing a product he needs and your affiliate company profits by making a product sale.
  • No bothersome advertisement banners on your website. You will embed your affiliate links in your content that will improve user experience, look, and speed of your website.
  • Joining an affiliate program is as easy as creating an email account

How can you sell affiliate products:

There are two ways to promote affiliate products.

  • Join Vendor’s affiliate program:

Make a quick Google search “product company + affiliate program”.

If you find an active affiliate program of the product vendor, just sign up for that affiliate program.Then, you will get access to promotional materials like affiliate links or banners or widgets, etc.

Promote it on your website.Get paid directly from the vendor after you make sales.

As simple as that (no mediators)

  • Join Affiliate marketing networks:

If you don’t find vendor’s affiliate marketing program, you probably will find it through affiliate marketing networks.

You can also sell affiliate products through affiliate marketing networks. These networks contain pay per conversion model products. That means you will receive a commission amount if you help make a sale of any product on the list.

You will just sign up on the network, choose a product you want to promote and get an affiliate link. You will receive payment from these networks after you make enough sales to reach the minimum payout threshold.

These networks deduct a small percentage of your commission as mediator fee.

Here are some affiliate marketing networks you can try:

  • ClickBank
  • ShareASale
  • Commission Junction(
  • LinkShare
  • ClixGalor
  • PeerFly
  • MaxBounty
  • NeverBlue

#2. Sell your own products:

You will create your own products like online courses, ebooks, plugins, any other digital tools or services etc . Then, you will sell them to your blog visitors and email subscribers.Popular blogs like Backlinko, Smart Blogger, SmartPassiveIncome etc sell their own courses.

You will decide the cost of your products and you alone will enjoy the 100% profit. Apparently, you must handle the sales, product delivery, returns if any, customer support etc.

You need enough expertise in your topic to create your own products.You must grow trustworthy enough to make your subscribers pull out their wallets to pay for your own products.

How to sell your own products:

The best way to sell your own products is to sell them to your own email subscribers.That’s why the popular adage speaks ”The money is in the list”.

There are high chances of sales because your subscribers are interested in your content and trusted you enough to drop their email addresses with you.

You can also submit your created products to affiliate marketing places like Clickbank, Shareasale, Commission Junction, Jvzoo etc where affiliate marketers will help you sell your products.You will share some revenue with them for each sale as affiliate commission.

Alternately, you can approach other bloggers in your niche to promote your products for an Affiliate Commission.

Just like affiliate marketing, selling your own products is pretty profitable for bloggers.

#3. Sell direct advertising

After gaining enough traffic, you will create some add spaces on your blog.

Popular product brands in your niche will get ready to directly purchase the ad spaces at an agreed rate between you both.

You will decide the cost of your ad spaces in any one of the following model:

  • Monthly rental:

You will sell your ad spaces like 728X90px, 600X300px etc to brands at rates like 100$/month or 500$/month or 1000$/month etc based on your websites traffic and its quality.

You will receive monthly rental just for placing their banners on your blog.

Any ad clicks or sales from them are none of your business.

  • CPC Model:

CPC stands for Cost Per Click.You will get paid only if your visitors click on the ads. You will receive a fixed cost per each ad click.Sales from ad clicks do not earn you any commission.The CPC rates depend on your blog’s niche and country of residence of your visitors. CPC rates for top countries like USA, UK, Canada, and Australia are pretty high.To give you a rough idea, CPC rates start from 0.1$/click to as high as 15$/click or even more depending on advertiser competition in your niche.

  • CPM Model:

CPM stands for Cost Per 1000 ad impressions.That means you will get paid a fixed cost per each 1000 ad impressions.You have nothing to do with ad clicks and sales from ad clicks.It’s the business of advertisers.

For a rough idea, CPM rates start from 0.5$ CPM as high as 20 $ CPM or even more depending on the advertiser competition in your niche.

How do you sell direct advertising:

You can create an “advertise with us” page on your blog citing the details of traffic, available ad banners and ad costs with your contact information so that brands can contact you directly.


Pitch an email to some of the interested brands in your niche with relevant details. If you get an offer, steal the deal.

#4. Sell ads through Ad Networks

Ad Networks are mediating companies that collect advertising dollars from thousands of advertisers and will pay that money to publishers (bloggers) for displaying ads on their blogs after deducting some small percentage as commission.

Google Adsense,, Buysellads etc are some examples of such ad networks. You will sign up for any of these ad networks and will simply paste their ad HTML code on your blog.

These networks will pay you as per CPC or CPM model.

Ad network ads are easy to get started as you need not communicate with any of the advertisers.

Unlike with direct advertising, you will lose some small percentage of commission to these ad networks (this does not matter much to many bloggers).

The most popular ad network among bloggers is Google AdSense.

In fact, the most popular website uses AdSense ads to make money.

Here are some popular ad networks for bloggers:

  • Google Adsense (CPC)
  • (contextual ads)
  • BuySellAds (CPM or Direct ads selling)
  • PropellerAds (CPM)
  • Infolinks (CPM)
  • RevContent
  • RevenueHits (CPC or CPM)

#5. Sell Amazon Products :

Amazon is the biggest E-commerce shopping site that people all over the globe trust and shop on. Amazon sells both physical and digital products that fall under almost any blog niche.

What if you can send your traffic to Amazon and collect some commission after a product sale?

Sounds awesome, right?

Fortunately, Amazon runs an affiliate program known as Amazon associate program for that.

Amazon associate program is the most popular earning platform for many bloggers.

Important note: Amazon affiliate commissions are usually not more than 10% of the product for any product.

Here is a screenshot for amazon affiliate product commissions as on February 2018:

category based amazon affiliate commission structure

How to start selling Amazon products on your blog:

First head over to and check if there are any trustworthy products that fall under your blog’s niche. If you find some, make up your mind about what products you wish to promote to your visitors (relevant products have high conversion rates, of course)

Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Head over to Amazon associate program and complete the signup process.(Anyone with a running blog can sign up for free)
  2. After SignUp, you will get access to promotional tools like product affiliate links, banners, native ad code, Amazon product search box, API tools etc
  3. Select the products you want to promote and get their affiliate links(you can also get shortened URL links)
  4. Add those links or banners on your blog wisely to get maximum sales without irritating your visitors
  5. At the end of the month, check your earning in the amazon associate program earning report and get paid by Amazon.

Amazon usually pays by check. Direct account transfer is available only for US publishers.

#6. Sell Sponsored Posts:

Sponsored posts are the blog posts you will publish on your blog about the products of some brands.They will pay you to write about their products, brand quality, recent product news etc.

The cost of each sponsored post is set by you. If the brands think you are the best fit for them, they will order a sponsored post.

How to sell sponsored posts:

Create and display a media kit page on your website. Provide every possible detail like your traffic information (traffic geo, no of pageviews, bounce rate etc), how much will you charge for a sponsored post, mode of payment you accept etc in your media kit page.

You had better contact some relevant brands if they are interested to order sponsored posts on your website.Otherwise, you can wait for the brands approach you when they need.

The brands will directly pay you the sponsored post cost. Make sure to check if there are any statutory sponsored post restrictions in your country before you get started.

Here are some places to sell your sponsored posts:

  • BuySellAds
  • TapInfluence
  • Izea
  • MomItForward

#7. Sell membership subscriptions:

The idea is you will create some premium content on your blog and will protect it with a login password. You will allow access to this content to only those members who are ready to pay you a membership fee.

You will only set the membership subscription fee and you will only enjoy the 100% profit from it.

No need to mention, your premium content must deliver enough value to your paid members.

Apparently, your blog visitors should desperately need this content to bring out their wallets to pay you.

How to implement membership selling:

If you are on WordPress, you can easily implement membership selling just by installing a WordPress plugin.

These plugins enable your website a membership capable one You can set premium content reserved for paying members. You can accept payments via Paypal, Stripe Payment gateway etc through these plugins.

Here are some of the recommended WordPress membership plugins:

#8.Write Paid Product Reviews:

Once your blog becomes popular, brands will come forward to send you free product samples to review on your website.They will compensate you for each product review post.

For example, say that you are running a mobile tech website, a brand like Samsung can send you it’s latest launched mobile handset for a review post.You will get paid based on a pre-agreed rate between you and the brand.

How to sell product review posts:

Like with sponsored posts, create an appealing media kit giving all the relevant details.

Approach relevant brands in your niche who may be interested to order paid product review posts. Discuss the rate and steal the deal.

Alternately, you can also sell your product reviews in the following marketplaces.


#9. Sell freelancing services on your blog:

Once you create a blog and gain enough rankings and traffic, you are way ahead of others.

By that time, you may become a better writer, an expert in your niche, technically sound and expert at any other skills you learned in the journey of blogging.The idea is to sell those skills as services to your visitors and make them your clients.

Here is how it works:

Create a HIRE ME page on your blog. List all the freelancing services (you wish to sell) with your hourly rates on this page. Let them hire you for the service.

You can directly incorporate a payment gateway on your blog if you are on WordPress.

Alternately, you can take them to your profile on freelancing marketplaces like Upwork.Elance, Fiverr etc and get paid from these marketplaces.

Here are some of the freelancing services you can offer on your blog:

Graphic designing services:

  • Creating or editing images
  • Make website logos,
  • Make Blog Infographics
  • Create advertising banners

Content writing services:

  • Paid blog posts in your niche
  • Copyright for businesses
  • Onpage SEO services

#10. Sell your consulting services on your blog:

You need to become expert in any business related field to offer Consulting Services.

Suppose that you have learned Search Engine Optimisation enough that you can help businesses in your industry improve their rankings, you can offer SEO as paid consulting service on your blog.

The pay for SEO like Consulting Services is pretty impressive. To you give you an idea, it can start from $2,000 a month per each client.

Neil Patel is a great example of a blogger who offers Consulting Services like SEO, Marketing Services etc

Forbes called him top 10 marketers on the internet who helped big businesses like Amazon,Yahoo, Microsoft etc

So, master an important skill and offer it as consulting service on your blog.

#11. Sell Sponsored emails to your Subscribers:

No pro blogger forgets to build an email list because it becomes gold mine as it grows big.

If you no longer have any affiliate products or your own products to sell to your subscribers, there are brands who are ready to pay you for a newsletter email to your subscriber.

In fact, you can create ad banners in your newsletter emails and sell them too.

The more the subscribers on your list, the better you get paid. If you want to sell repeated sponsored emails to the same business, your list conversion rates should be high enough (say 7-10%).


Your sponsored email content should match the interest of your subscribers. Otherwise, you will end up losing your subscribers gradually.

Where can you sell sponsored emails or Ad banners?

Try any of these marketplaces:

  • BuySellAds
  • Solo Ads

#12. Accept Donations On Your Blog:

Your visitors may be grateful to you as you have been providing them such an awesome content all for free. They may be ready to pay you if you offer some way to do so for them.

If you don’t want any kind of business involvement on your blog, you can simply accept donations on your blog.You can easily do so by adding a simple Paypal donation button.

You need not feel shame to accept donations because you are not compelling anyone to donate to you. If you feel offended to add a simple donation button, have a look at the following innovative way of accepting donations.

"buy me a cup of coffee" donation button

Here you make the donations a fun and satisfying feel to your visitors.

You can add “buy me a cup of coffee” button on your blog from here

#13. Create niche blogs and sell them on Flippa:

Quickly created a niche blog and attracted some traffic?

If yes, you are champion of creating blogs from scratch.

Here is an earning opportunity for you:

Create 5 or more niche blogs from scratch. Add some useful content. Do some SEO and build initial rankings and traffic.Grow your blogs to at least 50 $/month income machine.

There you go, you are set……

Sell these blogs on for more than 1000 $/ each blog. You can also sell starter websites with zero traffic on Flippa for a small profit.

Flippa is the best marketplace to buy and sell online businesses.There are enough buyers to buy your website through auction or classified listing.

Put your blogs on auction.The purchase amount can reach any value based on the competition among buyers.

Now it’s your turn, Choose one method for you:

Today, you have learned some awesome ways to make money from blogging.These are the legitimate methods you can proudly use to monetize your blog.

Now, it’s your turn to decide which one is best for your blog.

I will keep updating this list as and when I find a new way to make money from blogging.

If you are using any other monetization way not listed here, you can share it with our readers in the comment section below.

How are you earning money from your blog? And is it profitable enough?

Please share……………