Six Clever Strategies That Convert Blogging Into A Business

blogging business strategies

If you start a blogging business without a proper strategy in your mind, you will end up scratching your head and will finally fail to make a decent blogging income.

When I said blogging business strategy, I meant “ After regularly adding content and getting traffic, how will you actually earn income? What is the idea in your mind about your business? Will it really work? Will it sustain? Is there any strategy in your mind even before you start a blog?”.

Today, I will discuss the top 5 profitable blogging business strategies that work in the real world of blogging.

At the end of this post, you will be able to decide which blogging business strategy is right for you……

Let’s get started……

Strategy#1- Place Display Ads, Sit back and Enjoy Ad Income:

This business strategy works like this:

  • You will create enough useful content in the beginning to make your blog a good resource for your readers
  • You will work hard in the beginning to improve your blog rankings and traffic
  • You will place simple display ads like Adsense etc on your blog
  • At the end of the month or week, get payments from your ad clicks or impressions
  • Keep adding content as per your own schedule( thrice in a week, twice in a week etc).This makes your business become big, sustainable and profitable.
  • Just ensure your blog rankings do not drop.Sit back and enjoy the ad revenue.

This business strategy is best for you if you don’t know what products your blog audience is really in need of.

For example, consider website provides how-to guides on every topic on the earth.They really don’t know what products their readers need. So, WikiHow uses Adsense ads to generate income from its website.You can also consider news publishing websites as an example of this strategy.

This business strategy suits any kind of niche blog. No matter what topic your blog discusses about, you will certainly generate some income from your blog by display ads.

It’s simple but powerful enough (but not as profitable as other strategies)


Third-party display ads like Adsense Ads slow down your website and irritate some of your readers.

Key takeaway:

Choose this blogging strategy only if you don’t know what products or services your blog readers are desperately in need of.

Strategy#2- Choose Some Affiliate Products, Promote them and Enjoy Affiliate Commissions

This strategy best suits you if you don’t have your own products but you know what products your readers actually need.

This strategy works like this:

  • You will first find out what your readers are trying to accomplish. Then, you will find reliable products or services that help them accomplish their purpose.
  • You will create quality content to build a resourceful blog for them
  • You will work hard, in the beginning, to attract those interested readers and build rankings.
  • You will place contextual affiliate product links in your blog’s content (which they actually read)
  • They will purchase them from your affiliate links because they need them and they trust you enough to use your affiliate links
  • Get your affiliate commissions and enjoy
  • You will make sure that you regularly add useful content to keep up your readership and your blog rankings

Let me walk you through a real-life example to make you better understand this strategy.

Pat Flynn from teaches his readers, “how to build and grow online businesses”. He creates helpful business-related guides in the form of blog posts, podcasts and videos etc on his blog.

Obviously, he knew before that his blog visitors are trying to build an online business.

To build and grow an online business, they require products like web hosting, email marketing service, keyword tools etc.

He simply created a business tools page listing all the products he uses for his business. As his blog readers trust him enough because of his quality content, they voluntarily visit his tools page and purchase products from his affiliate links.

Key Takeaway:

First better understand what your readers are trying to accomplish. Then, research about trustworthy products to help them accomplish their job. Don’t recommend them the products you don’t trust and use.If you do so, you will lose the trust of your readers.

Strategy#3- Review Amazon Products, Get Sales and Enjoy Amazon Checks:

Needless to say, Amazon is the biggest shopping portal people trust and shop.

Are you a crazy amazon shopper? Purchased some handful of products from Amazon?

Honestly, review them on your blog. Place Amazon affiliate links in your reviews and enjoy commissions from Amazon.

This blogging business strategy works like this:

  • You choose a category of products from Amazon (Choosing a single category is best for Google rankings)
  • You will first review on your blog the products you have purchased from Amazon.To write reviews products you didn’t purchase, you will collect real information about the quality of the product (either from friends or from internet)
  • You will make your blog resourceful enough with reviews of good quality products in a certain category
  • You will work hard in the beginning to build rankings and to attract traffic
  • Enjoy Amazon checks as your visitors purchase from your Amazon

A real-life Amazon product review blog example:

A website is listing and reviewing productivity planners available on Amazon. The administrators have worked enough to build this blog’s rankings.

Have a look at this screenshot:

"best gratitude journal" google query results is ranking at No:1 position on Google for a well-targeted keyword “best gratitude journal(US search volume 260/month)”.They listed 6 best gratitude journals (with Amazon affiliate links) on this page with relevant details a purchaser really needs.

As they click on these affiliate links, they are taken to Amazon website where they purchase the journal they like and this makes affiliate commissions for

Key takeaway:

Choose an Amazon product category with decent commission percentage and less competition. Review the products or write some useful information on your blog about these products. Build Google rankings for the keywords the buyers search for. Place Amazon affiliate links contextually and enjoy commissions.

Strategy#4- Catch their Emails, Create Ebooks, Sell the E-books to your list and enjoy Book Sale Revenue:

This strategy works like this:

  • You will create valuable content in your chosen niche
  • Work hard to build rankings and traffic
  • Catch the email addresses of your visitors by offering an interesting short ebook as a freebie.You will make an email list with your loyal subscribers over the course of time.
  • Create an ebook on a topic your subscribers die for getting access.
  • Fix the price of the Ebook and sell it to your subscribers
  • Keep creating content, getting new subscribers and creating new ebooks on interesting topics

A real-life example:

Pat Flynn has created an ebook “Will it fly?”. He created this book on a most important business topic, “how to validate your business idea?”.

Have a look at his December 2017 Book sales report:

"will it fly" book sale income

He published this book in February 2016. It made him tons of dollars since launch and is still making him money.

Have a look at what he said about his book on his blog in March 2016:

"will it fly " book peformance

Just in a month of launch, it generated $45,083.14 in book sales and still counting.

What a money making machine?

That’s the power of ebooks if you create a copy that stands out.

Key Takeaway:

Create ebook on a topic people love to purchase and read. Provide enough value in it so that they compel themselves to recommend it to others.

Strategy#5- Catch Their Emails, Create Online Courses, Sell Online Courses To Your List and Enjoy Sales:

The most profitable blogging business strategy is creating and selling online courses.

People are ready to pay you if you create a helpful online course to solve their problem or help achieve their goal.

This strategy works this way:

  • You will create content, build ranking and get traffic to your blog
  • You will catch email addresses of your loyal subscribers and make an email list
  • You will create an online course for your subscribers to solve a difficult problem or help them learn something new and interesting topic or help them achieve their goal.
  • You will fix the price of the course based on the value it delivers (they usually start from $97 and can reach up to $2000 or $3000 per subscriber)
  • You will sell your online course to your subscribers on the list (you can also sell your course at other marketplaces like Udemy, ClickBank etc)
  • Regularly add content, keep up the rankings, get new subscribers, create new courses.This way you will run a sustainable blogging business.

A Real life example:

Let us take Pat Flynn again as a role model for our strategy. Pat has created a wonderful online course,”Smart from Scratch”. This course helps his subscribers learn “how to start an online business from scratch”.He sells this course to only his loyal subscribers.That too, a limited number of enrollments per annum are allowed.

Have look at his November 2017 course sales snap:

"smart from scratch sale income"

He made $20,291 from “Smart from Scratch” course itself. The other two courses also made him handsome money.

Key takeaway:

Write such a content on your blog that makes you loyal subscribers. Earn their trust. Create online courses on topics they desperately need. Sell your courses to your loyal subscribers.

Strategy#6- Create Your own digital product, Catch their emails, Sell your products and Enjoy Income:

This business strategy requires some extra resources other than blogging. You will create your own digital product or service like WordPress plugins, WordPress themes, Optin forms service, Email Marketing service, Social sharing buttons Service etc

You can create your own product if you are a developer.


You can hire a developer from freelance sites like to create one for you.


You can purchase a product from where developers make and sell product related websites too.

This strategy works this way:

  • You will first create your own product or service and will set the cost of your product.
  • You will add content related to your product topics on your blog
  • You will build rankings and will attract clients who may be interested in your product
  • You will catch their emails, introduce your product, explain how your product helps them reach their goals and will make sales.
  • Keep adding content, attracting new visitors and make them your customers.

A real-life example:

Consider created awesome products like WordPress plugins, WordPress themes etc.

They have added a blog on their website where they teach tutorials, tips, resources, and reviews to help out any WordPress user.This is the best way to attract potential clients.

They use opt-in forms on their blog to convert their visitors into customers.

What an awesome way to sell their own products?

I really like that……….

Key takeaway:

Put efforts to create some awesome digital products in any particular niche. Add content to your blog around keywords your potential clients search for. Work hard to rank for them. Convert your visitors into customers and enjoy the profits

Now It’s your turn, Choose your blogging business strategy:

Every successful blogging business falls under any one of the above strategies.If you better understand your audience, you can mix these strategies to make it more profitable for you.

My recommendations to help you choose your blogging business strategy:

If you are a developer, selling your own digital products is the best blogging business strategy for you.

If you don’t know enough about your audience, never choose any kind of product selling strategies.You won’t make decent sales.Display Ads is the best bet for you but make sure you don’t irritate your users with ads.

If you better know your audience, better stay away from display ads.They affect your user experience. Try to sell something that really helps them.

Now, it’s time to choose your favorite business strategy.

What strategy are you currently implementing on your blog?

Is it profitable enough for you?

Share your experiences with us through comments.