Yoast SEO Guide:WordPress Plugin Configuration

Yoast SEO configuration guide

Yoast SEO is the most popular and feature rich WordPress plugin to implement SEO on your blog or website.

In addition to SEO features, WordPress SEO by Yoast includes additional features like automated sitemap generation,readability,social customizations and more more benefits.

Many newbie bloggers do not know how to properly install and setup WordPress SEO.

This simple Yoast SEO guide helps you install and setup your plugin on your website.

How to download and activate Yoast SEO WordPress Plugin:

Follow the steps below to properly download and activate Yoast SEO plugin on your website.

Step1:Login to your WordPress website’s admin dashboard

On the left sidebar, Click Plugin(Arrow 1)<<<Add New(Arrow 2)

adding new plugin in wordpress

Add New plugin window opens after clicking add new link as above.

Step2: Type “”Yoast SEO” in the plugin search box

After plugin appears, click on “Install Now” button

After quick installation, earlier “Install now” button now turns to “Activate” button. Click on “Activate” button to activate the plugin.

installing Yoast SEO plugin

After successful activation of the plugin, you will be redirected to your plugins dashboard screen

Alternate Method: You can download the Yoast SEO plugin from WordPress Store.

Upload it to your plugin dashboard,install and activate the plugin.

Yoast SEO initial setup and configuration guide:

After installing yoast SEO plugin, Yoast SEO plug in icon will appear in your WordPress website admin dashboard.

Click on SEO plugin icon<<<Dashboard

Yoast SEO plugin dashboard

Yoast SEO settings dashboard will open now as shown below

opening Yoast SEO configuration wizard

Click on “General” Tab and then click “Open the configuration wizard”.You will be taken to Yoast SEO configuration Welcome Page as shown below


Yoast SEO self configuration

On this screen you have two options.One is self configuration and the other is Configuration service.

This post is meant for making the self configuration easy and quick for you.So,No need to waste money on configuration service.

Click on “Configure Yoast SEO” button.


This setting is all about what environment your website is currently working on.

  • Production:This option is for live websites or blogs with live traffic. As your blog is already live and running,this is the option you should select and click on Next button or tab#3
  • Staging:You will select this option when you are making a copy of your live blog for testing purposes.This may be needed when you switch your web hosting of the blog.
  • Development:You will select this option if you are building your website on a local server for development purposes

Site environment setting snap

#3:Site Type:

Tell Yoast SEO what kind of website you are currently configuring this plugin for?

This setting is important because SEO is not same across all kinds of websites.

selecting website type

  • Blog: Select this option if you are currently configuring the plugin for a blog
  • Webshop:Select this for your Ecommerce website
  • News Site:Select it for News reporting website or blog
  • Small Business site:Select for small business websites with sales landing page,payment page etc
  • Other corporate site:Select this for corporate websites
  • Other personal site:For other personal information website

#4:Company or Person:

This data is meant for metadata in your site in the Google Knowledge graph.

Choose company if you sell something on your site.

If your website is a commercial business.You can upload your company logo here.

Choose Person if it is a blog.Provide name and click next.

website type setting

#5:Social Profiles:

You can add most of your social profiles here.This helps search engines to know about your social presence and to enhance your social metadata.

social profile configuration

From this setting option, you can add any of the following social profile data

  • Facebook Page URL
  • Twitter Username
  • Instagram URL
  • LinkedIn URL
  • MySpace URL
  • Pinterest URL
  • YouTube URL
  • Google+ URL

After adding your preferred social profile,click next for the next setting.

#6:Post type visibility:

post visibility setting

This setting provides you define visibility of your post types.Make all of the following visible and move Next

  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Media
  • My library

#7:Multiple Authors:

Make it yes if your blog content is contributed by multiple others.

Or if you allow guest posting on your blog.

Authors setting

#8:Google Search Console:

search console authentication for Yoast SEO

In this setting you can link your google search console account with Yoast SEO.

You need to first login to your Google search console account from the Yoast SEO settings.

After successful authentication,all of your websites linked with google console account will show up here.

Select the blog or website you are currently configuring Yoast SEO for and click Next

#9:Title settings:

selecting title seperator

Enter your website name and the symbol you prefer to appear in the search engine results.

The symbol you select here is the title separator that separates your post title with your website name.Have a look at my post in google live search result and the title separator after this setting

#10,11,12:Newsletter,Yoast SEO premium offer,Success page:

These are optional steps and you can skill of these three tabs if you want to do so.

You can subscribe to yoast SEO newsletter for latest updates by dropping your email here at tab#10.You can skip this if you don’t want to subscribe.

You can see videos of Yoast SEO premium,Copywriting training and Yoast SEO training under tab#11

Tab#12 is the final success page for your Yoast SEO plugin configuration.


Hope this simple guide helps beginners set up their Yoast SEO plugin.

Feel free to comment your questions or problems if any while setting up Yoast SEO plugin using the above guide

Happy Blogging……….

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