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siteblog review

Are you searching for some reviews about siteblog to know more about the company?

Have you thought of creating a blog with siteblog after discovering siteblog by clicking on any advertisement or by any other medium?

Then, this post is for you.

In this post, I have transparently explored the legitimacy of web hosting and blog creating company siteblog.

Siteblog is not at all a perfect place to create your blog.

If you say why?

Read on to know the real facts about the company…….

About Siteblog?

Let us first see what siteblog claims all about it before exploring the realities and its trustworthiness.

What is a siteblog?


Siteblog is a website building company.You can access its home page at

Siteblog claims itself to be a free drag and drop website(or blog) builder and editor with free custom domain name, email and thousands of free website templates.

That said, siteblog claims that you can create a free blog with it.

Watch this siteblog official video to know more about it but don’t believe what it says:

What can you get if you sign up with siteblog:

If you happen to successfully sign up with siteblog (I could not because it does not work), you will get a blog with the URL: hosted with

How ugly and spammy this URL looks!

None loves to remember and visit such a blog with this URL.

Also, your blog is further uglied with siteblog advertisements for a free account.

If you dared to take this blog name, you will get a free drag and drop site builder but with limited features. You will be attached with so many upsells in the long run.

You will never feel it is free.

The premium blog plans are ridiculously high and are never worth the price.

Have a look at the siteblog premium plan prices here:

How did I come across siteblog and why am I talking about it?

I accidentally came across siteblog when I was using my favourite niche keyword exploring tool, The KWFINDER

I was surprised to see that an whopping 60,500 global people are searching in Google about Siteblog.

Well, this is a company that does not deserve trust. But most people are showing interest to create their blogs with siteblog.

So, I wanted to save your valuable time and money if you are one of them by exploring this company transparently.

As you are reading this article, you may be one those searchers.You will regret if you happen to create a blog with siteblog.

Wheresoever you have come across the name siteblog, now is the time to learn real facts about it.

My experience with siteblog:

After seeing this much search interest, I said to myself “let me have a try with this company for a free blog so that I can suggest it to my readers if it works fine”.

I visited the home page and looked for a signup link.I could never find a signup link even after scanning all through the website.

How unprofessional this website is designed?

I went back to Google and quered for siteblog sign up.Ultimately, I landed on the sign up page.

After entering name,email and password, the sign up button never worked and it took me to the homepage again.

I did not give up on the first attempt and tried a couple of times to sign up.

A complete waste of a few minutes.Then what could have been the fate of the users that already created blog with this company?

At least, I can stop new users to sign up for this company and save their time and money.

Negative reviews about siteblog:

Internet is filled with negative reviews on siteblog and these reviews are transparent too.

If you happen to find any positive reviews, they could be by siteblog affiliates.

Let’s see some of those reviews.

Review #1: 10/100 on

Meet Wendy reviewed siteblog on 27th Feb 2016 at

He explored the unprofessional attitude of the company.

The final verdict is Avoid…Avoid….Avoid…siteblog

Review#2: said siteblog is a scam.

The review is found at

It said siteblog is a complete scam.

The review said people are facing the following complaints:

  • Websites are difficult to rank. You are reading this review because it pop up on top of Siteblogs and its affiliate websites.
  • You need to upgrade your membership even to view visitors stats which Google provides for free.
  • The free option is difficult to locate which forces most people to choose the cheapest option.
  • Customer service is unresponsive.
  • Done for you websites have poor content and over priced.
  • Loads of hidden charges that are deducted from your account.
  • Too many up-sells and upgrades which require payments.
  • Your website will get deleted if you default in paying without sufficient notice.
  • It is not easy to cancel your account and you need to send support tickets.
  • Money is deducted within 15 days from date of first joining.
  • l was continuously being told to login which is very frustrating.
  • The free blogs are not free after all, because you pay by advertising their services.
  • l had a few challenges as the text boxes became unresponsive.

Review#3:rating 1 out of 5 on

The review said 3rd Feb 2017, “This is the worst web hosting company from hell. Extremely expensive, very misleading and worst of all they make it very difficult for you to move away from them by charging your a transfer fee which they never tell you about in their terms and conditions”

I think these reviews are enough to keep you stay away from siteblog.

If you are thinking about creating a blog with siteblog, think no more and choose other best options like Blogger or WordPress.

By your bad luck, if you have already created a blog with siteblog, feel like you are in a sinking ship and rush out quickly.

How to cancel siteblog account:

Once you have fallen prey to siteblog, they will not let you cancel your account easily.

As the reviewed user said they make it very difficult to move away from them. Also, they charge an additional transfer fee too.

Contact siteblog customer care and ask for your account cancellation after successful migration.

Try connecting to Siteblog customer phone numbers:


UK:03333 706 555


Or email them by filling the contact from at

Talk to them to cancel your account, pay them the transfer fee and move away.

Final thoughts on siteblog:

It is unfortunate that such an unprofessional web hosting company exists.

You may have come across it by clicking on any advertisement or on any of its affiliate’s website.

If you are looking for reviews about siteblog, look no more than this page and save your time.

Stay away from siteblog and choose other trustworthy companies like WordPress to create your blog.

Hope I helped the new bloggers avert a scam and saved their valuable money and time by writing this post

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Updated: December 22, 2017 — 2:41 am

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