5 Major Google SEO Ranking factors you should never ignore

major google SEO factors

After doing rigorous research about how my competitors are managing to get traffic, I have found that the major source (>60%) of their traffic is from Google search.

You can also do your competitors research here by entering their domain name or keywords


Google search traffic is not only targeted and powerful but also converting and profitable.

That’s why every blogger is after learning Search Engine Optimization.

I have studied hundreds of SEO articles from SEO experts about how you should optimize your website for Google and other search engines.

What did I find after rigorous SEO study?

Oh God! there are hundreds of ranking factors to consider and they keep changing with evolving SEO.

To make the life of bloggers and small online businesses easy with SEO, I came up with 5 most important Google search ranking factors that you should start applying from today.

These ranking factors are super important that you will regret if you neglect any one of them.


Let’s get started……….

Ranking factor#1: Backlinks:

Backlinks are the hyperlinks that point to any page of your website from any other external website.

Backlinks indicate recognition and trustworthiness of your website.

The backlink logic of Google is simple:

People tend to link to you only when they trust you that your content is great and worth mentioning.Moreover,you do not have direct control over the backlinks that flow to your site.

The more qualitative backlinks you have the better ranking of your website in search results.

Backlinks have been carrying much weight in the ranking of websites since the birth of Google and I am sure this is not going to change in the future too.

Do backlinks from any websites carry the same weight in your rankings?

Not really.

Google is intelligent and detects the spam backlinks from link farms and other illegal sources.

Therefore, continue reading on to which backlinks you should run after.

Quality of Backlinks:

The PageRank or the domain authority of the linking website determines the quality of backlink that flows to your website.

backlink from high page rank domain=High quality backlink=Better ranking of your domain

Example of high-quality backlink:

Backlink from, backlink from etc

Getting high-quality backlinks is not easy and it’s not impossible either.

The best way to get high-quality backlinks is to create high-quality content and make those high domain authorities know of your content.

The quantity of backlink:

Just like quality backlinks, quantity matters too.

The number of quality backlinks the better the search ranking of your site.

Getting spam backlinks from spam sites and link farms to increase quantity is not going to work and it’s not a good practice.

Have a look at this formula to make out the significance of quantity of backlinks

Improvement in your site ranking=high PR backlinks*its quantity+low quality backlinks*its quantity-spam links*its quantity

Always strive to get good quality backlinks by legitimate ways like broken link building and other techniques, creating share-worthy content, building relationship with influencers in your niche etc

Diverse Backlinks:

Diverse backlinks are all about earning backlinks from unique domains.

Getting thousands of links from single domain does not carry that much weight to improve your search ranking.

The more number of unique domain backlinks you get, the better your google search engine rankings will be.

So, ditch the idea of partnering with one or two high PR domains and getting repeated backlinks from the same domains.

Page location of backlinks:

Where is your backlink located on the linking website?


Right sidebar?

Any other less prominent location?

Hold on……these locations are not going to add much weight to your search rankings.

Google gives more weight for editorial links.

The best place for your backlink is at the beginning or inside the content body of the linking website.

So the next time someone wants to mention you on their website, persuade

them to put the link inside the content body.

.Edu and.Gov backlinks:

As you already know,.Edu and.Gov domains are the top level domains for education and government websites respectively.

Backlinks from these two domains carry more weight compared to other domains to improve the Google search ranking of your website.

Even though these domains may not fall in your niche, backlinks from.Gov and.Edu domains matter much to Google.

You may offer some scholarships for students on your website so that any of.Edu domain may backlink to it.

Corporate social responsibility of your business website have some opportunities to earn a backlink from.Gov domains.

Relevancy of backlinks:

Backlinks from the same niche have are more advantage than those from other niches.

Presume you have written an article about aquatic animal dolphin and some laptop reviews website links to your article.

It doesn’t make sense, right?

Google does not love it either.

Anchor text of backlinks:

Anchor text is the link text used to depict what a particular link is all about.


When you see a link Blog SEO guide,

“Blog SEO guide” is the anchor text and the actual URL is

Google uses the anchor text of a backlink to understand what this backlink page is all about.

Therefore, next time you get a backlink, try to persuade your linker to use relevant anchor texts.

Ranking factor#2: quality content:

Content is the meat and meal of your website that should deliver value to visitors.

Google wants to answer the search queries of its users by content only.

There are millions of websites out there that create and publish content every day.

But do you know what kind of content ranks well in Google?

The immediate answer is the in-depth quality content that is well presented and well organized to deliver impressive value to its users.

What type of content ranks well in Google:

  • Readable content (Easy to go through and comprehend):

Never make your content a rocket science for your users.Write your content for 8th standard students so that it is easy to go through and comprehend.

Don’t scare your users with an ocean of text rather organize your text in paragraphs of not more than 2-3 lines.

Talk directly to your users and take them along with you all through the post.

You can use free Yoast SEO plugin to check readability score of your post and improve it as required.

  • In-depth content:

Have you ever noticed the content length that appears on the top page of Google SERPs?

If not, make a try immediately.

It is in-depth content with articles of around 2000 words in length.

Google wants to give its users every possible detail of the search query term its users put on the search box.

So creating in-depth content that gives valuable details of a particular topic is very important for SEO.

  • Media-rich content:

Writing only text on your posts is not enough.

Grace your posts with relevant and engaging images, videos, infographics,screenshots etc that makes your content rich and engaging to your users.

Content with rich media has an added advantage for ranking on Google.

  • Unique and actionable content:

Create your content in a unique way that changes the life of your readers.

Your readers should gain something after consuming your content.

Your content should offer some knowledge or entertainment or solve some of their problems or provide some new experiences to your readers.

This makes your readers stick with you which in turn improves your search engine rankings.

Want a free valuable advice on improving your blog on SEO, Design, and Income?

(I will visit your blog and will personally advise you on improving your blog’s income for free)

Ranking factor#3: On page technical SEO:

In addition to delivering good user experience, your website should also be optimized well enough for the search engines to crawl, index and rank your pages.

For that, you need to take care that you implement technical SEO on your blog.

Don’t panic when I said the term technical because you don’t know much about technical stuff.

Many successful bloggers do not know technical stuff either.

It is some of the basic things you need to take care while building your blog and writing your content.

I have made technical SEO easy for bloggers after writing the following ultimate guide.

Blog SEO: A to Z Guide on Writing SEO Friendly Blog Posts(Step by Step)

Do check it out.You will get the best practices that yield results from these simple rules.

Ranking factor#4: Mobile Optimization:

Is your website well optimized to deliver good user experience for any width of the screen or any device?

If not, take action today otherwise you will not be eligible to have search engine traffic in the future.

Back in the days when people used to google search on the PCs and laptops.

The era of smartphones has already started and will certainly continue.

SearchEngineLand has reported in August 2016 that 60% of Google searches are now from mobile devices.

This number is going to grow and mobile searches keep dominating desktop searches.

Google has already started giving importance to mobile-friendly websites.

Therefore mobile friendliness is an important Google ranking signal in the present and in the days to come.

Google has a free mobile friendliness test tool to check whether your website is mobile friendly or not.

Have a look at the test result of my website

google mobile friendliness test

Google says it is mobile friendly.

Conduct a test on your website today and make sure your website is mobile friendly.

If not, try to switch to a responsive theme or fix the issues that make your website mobile unfriendly.

Ranking factor#5: Website speed:

Although Google does not reward high-speed websites, it does penalize slow sites.

People tend to leave a website that takes more than 4-5 seconds to load which negatively affects its Google rankings.

Kissmetrics Blog stated that one-second delay in website load time can cause 7% decrease in conversion rate.

importance website speed

So undoubtedly, making your website load as fast as possible is a good idea for better Google rankings.

Check the speed of your website using any one of the following trusted tools

  1. Pingdom website speed test
  2. Google page speed insights
  3. GTMetrics Website Speed and Performance Optimization

Optimally, your website should load within 3 seconds.

If your page load time is more than 3 seconds, it is the time that you should act and do something to improve the speed of your website.

So, think of the probable solutions such as using a caching plugin, CDN service, deactivating the plugins that slow down your website etc


There are hundreds of Google ranking signals that decide the ranking of your website.

No one can give equal attention to all of those factors.

Fortunately, these 5 ranking signals I have just shared with you carry much weight than others.

I am certain that if you give attention to the above factors, you are certainly going to succeed.

Please take a moment to share these important Google factors with your followers.

Do you think there are any other ranking signals that are more important than these?

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