KWFINDER Review:How to uncover profitable low competitive keywords

KWFINDER review on low difficulty keywords

Do you know there are keywords in your niche that people are searching like crazy and……..

………………you did not know and target them yet?

………….that are very easy to rank on first page of Google and you don’t know them yet?

………….around which authority domains in your niche have not created any content yet?

No need of further questions. You may already have guessed the purpose of this post.

Today in this post, I will show you how you can use a lesser known keyword difficulty analysis tool……the KWFINDER to uncover low SEO difficulty and high search volume keywords in your niche.

Have you ever heard of KWFINDER?

A powerful tool that can uncover new keyword ideas in your niche along with helpful SEO difficulty scores to make you decide on your target keywords.

I will also cover a quick personal review of KWFINDER to help you assess the worth of this keyword difficulty analysis tool.

Let’s dive right in………


KWFINDER (developed Mangools) is a keyword difficulty analysis tool that gives you a keyword SEO difficulty score based on a scale of 100.

Well, why should you know keyword difficulty score of your target keyword?

The common mistake beginner bloggers do:

“They don’t do the so-called boring keyword research before writing” OR

“If they do, they choose popular lucrative keywords with high monthly search volume”

The sad result:

They never rank for those keywords and give up on SEO and start saying SEO is dead.

This happens because they are unknowingly competing with authoritative sites in their niche.

I don’t want you to be one of them that’s why I come up with a way out of this problem today.

What is the solution then?

The KWFINDER……discover first the keywords for which you have high chance of ranking on the first page of Google and then optimize your content around those keywords.

This tool not only gives you low competitive keywords but also provides various key metrics that help your SEO efforts.

Directly Test KWFINDER for free with a sample keyword in your niche here:

Let’s now see what helpful SEO data this tool has for you.

What helpful SEO data do you get from KWFINDER?

With well designed and easy to use interface, KWFINDER makes your keyword research easy and awesome. I love this tool very much and use it to uncover profitable keywords in my niche.

KWFINDER keyword ideas


Exact average monthly search volume:

The most popular Google keyword planner gives you only the range of search volume i.e 100-1K,10K-100K etc. unless you run an active ad campaign. But KWFINDER tool shows you exact average monthly search volume for your seed keyword without any such nonsense.

Related keyword ideas:

This feature makes this tool stand out from other keyword tools.Your seed keyword brings up all the other profitable keyword ideas in your niche after you put it into KWFINDER without any much effort from you.

Unlike with other tools, these related keywords are not simply prefixed or suffixed versions of your seed keyword, rather these keywords are valuable and may be keywords unknown to your competitors.

Awesome……that makes me a fan of this SEO tool.

Google trends for the keyword:

Google trends graph is very important to help you make sure that you don’t waste your time optimizing for outdated keywords. KWFINDER retrieves a small Google trends graph right on the keyword data results.

Average CPC in $:

CPC stands for Cost Per Click. It is mentioned in US dollars. It indicates the level of competition among the advertisers for a particular keyword. The more the CPC, the difficult it is to rank for that keyword.

PPC on a scale of 100:

PPC stands for Pay Per Click. KWFINDER retrieves the level of competition score in PPC advertising on a scale of 100.The difficulty level increases with PPC score.

SEO difficulty score on a scale of 100:

This is the final result part. KWFINDER display an SEO difficulty score on a scale of 100 against each keyword.

The difficulty metric is calculated by taking an average of key metrics like Moz Domain Authority(DA), Page Authority(PA). MozRank(MR) and Moz Trust(MT) of top 10 pages now ranking on the first page of Google SERPS.

This is how to assess keyword difficulty:

Based on the KWFINDER keyword difficulty score, you can easily decide whether you should target a particular keyword or not.

Have a look at this screenshot from KWFINDER:

keyword-seo-difficulty ranges

Keywords with difficulty score of 55-100 is very hard and near to impossible to rank for the beginners.

Keywords from 0-55 difficulty range are worth trying.

Both Global and Local keyword results:

KWFINDER retrieves global keyword result metrics by default. This is very helpful if you are audience are globally located.

But if you want to focus on a specific country, you can easily select that country and can fine tune the results to a particular city level ike Los Angeles, London etc

Google autocomplete related keywords and questions:

Google autocomplete is a gold mine for discovering new valuable keywords. These are the keywords that real people search on Google. KWFINDER readily provides these related keywords and related questions right on the dashboard.

How to use KWFINDER to uncover best keywords in your niche:

Your common sense about keyword research tells you to select keywords with high search volume. Wow…..awesome idea but the bad news is………..

The problem with high search volume keywords:

They are highly competitive and it’s nearly impossible for beginners to rank for them on the first page of Google

Then, your mind turns to low competitive keywords as you are a beginner. But……..

The problem with low competitive keywords:

They have very low search volume and hence you will get a meagre traffic even though you rank on the top of Google for them. Then what?

The solution:

Use KWFINDER to find an ideal match between these two conflicting factors…………..

…………….search volume and competitiveness.

That means, you will be able to find new profitable keywords in your niche which have both decent search volume and low SEO difficulty score.


Let’s see how to go about that.

Here are the quick steps to find best keywords in your niche:

  1. Enter a seed keyword in your niche into KWFINDER search box
  2. Discover all the other related keywords along with key metrics in your niche around that seed keyword
  3. Sort them in the ascending order of SEO difficulty score
  4. Extract all the keywords with not less than 1000 or 2000 global search volume and SEO difficulty score below 54.
  5. Start optimizing your content around these best keywords and enjoy organic search traffic.

Let’s now go through these steps in detail with a practical example.

Step 1 & 2- Retrieving related keywords in your niche:

Let’s say for a moment, you are in a photography niche.

Now, let’s retrieve related keywords in this niche and will extract best keywords for you to target.

Head over to KWFINDER and enter your seed keyword “photography” in the search box.

KWFINDER will show you all the related keywords along with key SEO metrics for “photography” keyword in a flash.

Here is a web snap for “Photography” seed keyword search :

KWFINDER keyword ideas for photography

Have a glance over the screenshot above. The tool retrieved awesome keywords with exact search volume and other important SEO metrics.

Now starts our real game of selecting best keywords for you.

Steps 3 & 4 – Extracting the best keywords to target in your content:

You have already uncovered all the related keywords about photography.

Interestingly, many of the keywords above are very lucrative with around 250,000 global monthly search volume.

But, don’t hurry and choose keywords with highest search volume. If you do so, you may end up not ranking at the top for them because you are competing with authority sites in your niche.

Now, the clever idea is to look for keywords that still have room for you to hit the first page of Google.

Here is how to choose best keywords in your niche:

Click twice on the “DIFF” column on the right side to sort the results in the ascending order of SEO difficulty score.

The sorted keyword results will look like this:

sorted keywords in ascending order of difficulty score

Wow…. there is a great room for ranking in this niche because there are very high search volume keywords with very low SEO difficulty scores. Low competitive SEO scores apparently show lack of quality content by authority sites in this niche.

Now, extract all the keywords with SEO difficulty score below 54 (worth trying) and search volume of more than 1000 to excel in svg format. (You can select keywords with less than 1000 if they have high commercial intent)

Here is an extracted best keywords list to target in photography niche:

Keyword Global monthly search volume SEO difficulty score (only below 54)
Portrait photographers 5,400 34 (still easy)
Family photographers 2,296 38 (still easy)
Model photographer 14,800 42 (Possible)
Senior photography 2,296 42 (Possible)
Family photography 14,809 43 (Possible)
Black and white photos 12,067 44 (possible)


Step-5: Start creating best content around these keywords:

Both Google and your visitors love engaging content. Perform enough research around those lucrative keywords and start delivering value about those topics.

When people start loving your content Google can’t help it.

If you consider the above example, your first keyword to target in photography niche can be “ family photography”.

Start researching about what people actually want to learn about family photography and create awesome content that they are looking for.

Promote your content like crazy guy and collaborate with other bloggers in your niche and start building quality links to push your ranking in search engines.

Then switch to the next keyword and keep doing the awesome work. You will be good to go and will certainly succeed in getting search traffic.

Finally, you have seen how this SEO tool helps you uncover best keywords in your niche.

Now let me help you learn how to take most out of KWFINDER.

KWFINDER Review: Best tool to discover new and low SEO difficulty keywords:

I am a great fan of this lesser known keyword tool……..KWFINDER.

When I have first discovered this tool, I was delighted to see the great performance of this tool.

Let me share my experience with this tool.

Why I like KWFINDER:


  • Works great with eye-catching user interface and fast response even with my slow internet connection
  • Explores new interesting keywords along with key SEO metrics in my niche which I never guessed
  • Provides exact global monthly average keyword search volume without any nonsense (My visitors are globally located)
  • Displays the much-needed final verdict factor-SEO difficulty score for each keyword
  • Brings up which websites are now ranking on the first page of Google with key SEO metrics like DA,PA,MT,MR,Facebook shares,links, estimated traffic etc so that I can quickly decide on whether to target a particular keyword or not.
  • Two free keyword and SERP watcher lookups without login and five free KW and SERP lookups with a simple sign up.
  • SEO difficulty scores are well colored with Green for easy, Orange for worth trying and red for difficult keywords
  • Key SEO metrics of top 10 websites on Google SERP such as Domain Authority(DA),Page Authority(PA),MozRank(MR), MozTrust(MT),Number of backlinks,SEO difficulty rank to compete with, and the estimated monthly traffic at that position

What I don’t like about KWFINDER:

  • The autocomplete and questions tabs are unresponsive
  • The backlink checker named linkminer is yet to be launched
  • There are only 200 keyword lookups in 24 hrs in basic plan at 49 $/ month package.

Of course, the benefits outweigh this not-so-important drawbacks.

KWFINDER features:

  1. Helps you find new and hidden long-tail keywords for which you have high chances of ranking on first page of Google
  2. Provides you most accurate keyword SEO difficulty scores because it takes into account all the important SEO metrics like DA,PA,MT,backlinks,facebook shares etc of top 10 websites ranking on first page of Google for that keyword
  3. You can import all of your niche keywords in bulk…….depending on your plan, you can import up to 700 keywords 1200 times a day, which makes 840,000 keywords in total!
  4. Organize keywords and export them as per your requirement
  5. Narrow down your keyword research to the tiny level of a particular city like London,Los Angeles etc and for a particular country you want to target
  6. Filter out non-profitable keywords with very low search volume or very hard difficulty scores
  7. Get Google suggest related keywords and questions associated with it.
  8. Get SERP analysis and key SEO metrics for your seed keywords and for all related keywords in your niche

Mangools (KWFINDER) free trial:

Mangools now does not offer a free trial period. You can test this tool by directly entering your keyword in its search box.

After a free email signup (No credit card required), you will get access to

  • Maximum 50 related keyword suggestions
  • Five keyword lookups per 24 hrs
  • Five SERP lookups per 24 hrs
  • No rank tracking feature in free signup

Mangools (KWFINDER) Pricing:

KWFINDER is not so expensive like other SEO tools. It has both monthly and annual subscription plans. As on date, you will get 40% discount on all of its annual subscription plans.

This tool is sold by Mangools and has three plans: Mangools Basic, Magools Premium and Mangools Agency.

Each plan is integrated with three important tools:

  1. KWFINDER: To explore new keywords in your niche, research and analyse them
  2. SERP Checker: To analyse top 10 websites that are currently ranking on top of Google for a particular keyword.This helps in finding new keyword and content opportunities for your website.
  3. SERP Watcher: To track ranking position of your website and all of your competitors for all the keywords you targeted on daily basis.
  4. Link Miner: Currently under development and is going to be launched soon.To find back links of any domain.

Here are the complete details of Mangools Pricing plans:

What you get Mangools Basic Mangools Premium Mangools Agency


Monthly subscription 49 $/month 69 $/month 129 $/month
Annual subscription 349 $/annum after 40% discount 469 $/annum after 40% discount 949 $/annum after 40% discount

KWFINDER for Keyword research and Analysis

KW lookups per 24 hours 100 500 1200
Keyword suggestions per search 200 700 700

SERP Checker for Google SERP analysis

SERP lookups per 24 hours 100 500 1200

SERP Watcher for keyword rank tracking

Tracked keywords 200 700 1500
Tracked domains Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Rank update frequency Daily Daily Daily


I was using SEMrush for checking keyword search volume before I came across KWFINDER.

After getting access to KWFINDER, I no longer use SEMrush for keyword retrieval and search volume

KWFINDER is a best keyword difficulty tool that provides most accurate keyword difficulty scores. Also, it helps you uncover hidden keywords in your niche which your competitors may not know yet.

SEMrush is best known for performing competitor analysis.You can check back links,traffic metrics,your competitor ranking keywords etc.You can also do an SEO site audit using SEMrush.

Here is a quick comparison:

SEO feature KWFINDER SEMrush
Keyword exact monthly search volume Provides both global and country specific exact search volume Only country specific search volume
New keywords in your niche Retrieves wonderful new hidden keyword ideas along with key SEO metrics Retrieves only suffixed and prefixed versions of queried keyword
SEO difficulty score Provides final SEO difficulty score against all the keywords Difficulty score only for queried keyword
Bulk keyword difficulty checking feature Available Not available
Backlink analysis Coming soon….. Available and provides all link required link data such as link source,anchor text,dofollow or nofollow etc
Domain overview analysis Not available You can do in-depth analysis of your competitor domain
SEO site audit Not available Available
SERP analysis Thorough analysis of top ranking site with DA,PA,MT,MR,no of links etc Only currently ranking websites are displayed
Daily rank tracking for your target keywords Available for unlimited domains Not available

Note: This comparison is not exhaustive and it is just collection of some important features

Final verdict on KWFINDER:

My final verdict after using KWFINDER daily for 2 months is:

Go, have a try. KWFINDER is a must-use tool for a pro SEO.

It is worth the cost because of its ability to retrieve new and hidden keywords along with SEO difficulty scores in your niche.

This feature reduced much of my keyword research time.(Don’t forget time is money)

I get new and lucrative keywords in my niche every single day.

If you are a beginner blogger who do not have a budget to spend, you can sign up for this tool for free and get 5 lookups daily.You can get a basic plan as and when you start earning enough income from your blog to afford any SEO tool.

If you are a business owner for whom SEO and finding new buyer intent keywords is a must do activity, KWFINDER is a must try keyword difficulty tool.

It becomes a gold mine for you as many of your competitors may not know of this lesser known tool.

If you are already using this tool, feel free to share your experience with us in the comments below.

If you like this post give me a second to share it with your followers.

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