Google Docs to WordPress: How to Import in a minute

How to Use Google Docs For WordPress Post Creation

Do you still use WordPress default editor for creating new blog posts on your blog?

If yes, you are not behaving like a pro blogger.

It’s time switch to Google Docs for content creation and then import it to WordPress within minutes.

Google Docs is a powerful online document creation platform powered by Google.

It’s a free and easy to use platform for creating documents online.

Why Use Google Docs For WordPress Post Creation:

What type of content do you create with WordPress default editor without adding any additional editor plugin?

The title, headers(H1-H6), perforated text, paragraph, text formatting, links, bulleted lists, images and videos, blockquotes.

That’s it……..

I guess you cannot add anything more than the above list.

But with Google Docs, in addition to creating all of the above content you can easily reap following benefits

  • Enjoy awesome user interface to create documents like fun
  • Create customizable excel like tables
  • Write Equations e.g: Equation
  • Create drawings with images, shapes, arrow marks etc
  • Add and mark your web screen snaps
  • Download created drawing as pdf, jpg, png, svg formats
  • Insert Bar, column, line and pie charts
  • Insert all special characters
  • Insert table of contents with auto links at the beginning of your long posts
  • Insert footnotes for your posts
  • Add subscripts and superscripts
  • Insert additional paragraph styling with customizable border style and shading, width, colors etc without HTML and CSS code
  • Support for add-ons to meet your post editing needs
  • drag and drop your web snaps directly

You get all these awesome editing features without installing a single plugin to your WordPress blog. (Remember more plugins may lead to less website speed)

Adding this type of content like drawings, infographics, marked images etc provides an added advantage to your blog’s SEO.

How can you reap these benefits without installing any plugin?

You do it by linking your google docs account with the WordPress admin account.

Don’t hesitate to link because it is safe and easy to implement.

How To Link Google Docs to WordPress:

The trick is:

You simply create your post content on Google Docs with the above awesome features and send it as a WordPress new post draft to your website in the click of a button.

Then at WordPress editor you can edit other things like permalinks, tags, categories, focus keywords and check readability score for Yoast SEO plugin (if you use one ) etc

You can choose any one of the following methods to link Google Docs to WordPress.

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Method #1: Use “ for Google Docs” Add-on (The best and recommended):


  • A free account (Create one if you don’t have one)
  • A Google account to use Google Docs
  • Install and activate Jetpack plugin and connect with in your WordPress site dashboard (This plugin is built-in installed with WordPress. No need to install it but just activate it)

A.  Adding “ for Google Docs” add-on to your Google Docs account:

  1. Head over to and log in with your Google account
  2. Create a new document by clicking Plus (+) buttonadding new Google document
  3. On the new doc editor menu, Click on Add-ons (arrow no-1) and then click Get add-ons..(arrow no2)Get new Docs add-onAn Add-ons pop up box will appear. Type “ to doc” in the search box
  4. Click on +FREE button on the right side of WordPress to google doc add-on(Manage button shows for my account as I have already added the add-on).

The add-on will get added to your account and will show up in your add-ons list

Installing to doc add-on

B.  Linking your Blog’s domain with Google Docs:

  1. Click Add-ons ⇒ for Google Docs⇒Open.An Add-on window will open at the right sidebar of Google Docs document
  2. Click on “Add WordPess Site” Button.adding wordpress site to google doc
  3.  A new tab will open in your browser and enter your username and password to log in.
  4.  After logging in, select domain name you want to link with (if you have more than one blog) and click on “Approve” button

adding wordpress domain to google doc

After successful approval and linking, you can close the new tab and your blog’s domain gets added to the Google Docs add-on.

C.  Importing written post from Google Docs to WordPress site:

After composing a new post in Google Docs document, you can preview your post on your blog.

Additionally, you can make changes if any and can update it.

After you click on Save or update button, the changes automatically get applied to your WordPress post-draft.

updating post

Now you can open your WordPress post-draft, make any changes you wish to do and can publish it from there.

In case you fail to link the above add-on, you can use the following add-ons for the same purpose.The linking process is same as above except for the add-on name.

  • Docs to WordPress offered by
  • Publish to WordPress by Plugmatter
  • ExpressCurate offered by

If you face any problem while implementing this method, feel free to comment your questions and I am ready to help you as soon as possible.

Method #2: Use “Wordable” for importing Google Docs to WordPress:

Wordable is a tool that enables you to import posts from Google Docs to WordPress in one click.

Wordable web snap

Wordable is not a free tool and you need to spend $15/month to get a standard package.

However, If you want to use Wordable for free, you can do so in the following ways.

How to use Wordable for free:

The link at the end of every post :

1 link=1 export.You include a Wordable link at the end of every post saying “This post was imported into WordPress in one click using Wordable”.

Mention in a relevant blog post:

1 Mention= 5 Exports.You mention in any posts about Wordable tools, blogging tools etc.You will get 5 exports for free.

Email broadcast:

1 export per 500 subscribers.In an e-mail to your subscriber’s list, mention a link to Wordable home page.You will earn 1 export for every 500 people in your list.You have to contact Wordable before implementing this method.

(I don’t recommend any of the above free methods.I recommend using free doc to WordPress add-ons)

Steps to use Wordable:

  1. Link your Google Docs account with Wordable by visiting and click “try it free” tab.
  2. Connect wordable with your WordPress site either by downloading and installing the plugin the tool offers or by using your WordPress account credentials.
  3. Now after successful linking, visit your Wordable dashboard.You will see your latest Google Docs documents with export buttons on the right.
  4. Export your post as a draft to your WordPress site by clicking on the export button.

Wrapping Up:

Ditch the cumbersome WordPress editor and switch to Google Docs to create awesome content.

I use Google Docs to create all my posts and I like the interface very much.

Try Google Docs and switch to it as soon as possible.

Feel free to comment if you face any problems while linking and importing your posts from Google Docs to WordPress.



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