Want Google Adsense Approval on the first attempt? Ensure these 7 easy things

Google adsense approval requirements

Google Adsense is the most trusted advertising platform for both advertisers and publishers.

As on date, over 12 million live websites are using Google Adsense to display ads on their websites.

No one denies the fact that Google Adsense is the next profitable monetization method for bloggers after affiliate marketing.

Also, Adsense CPC rates are relatively better than other platforms and Google makes the payments to publishers on time.

As a blogger, you are in a dire need to get an approved Adsense account to see earnings from the beginning. Having an approved Adsense account becomes essential if you run a news website or you are less familiar with your audience to sell any product.

But the frustrating thing:

Nowadays, it’s not that easy to get an Adsense account approved

Google receives thousands of new Adsense applications monthly and many of them get rejected because bloggers lack in some simple things to ensure before applying.

Seeing a rejected application e-mail from Google demoralizes many bloggers to continue building an online business.

I have got my Adsense account approved on the first attempt even when my website is just around 5 months old and is beginning to gain traction.

Today in this post I will share with you some easy things I have ensured that compelled Google to trust and approve my Adsense account.

You can consider these easy to implement factors as Google Adsense eligibility criteria.

The best part:

You can also ensure these super easy and trustworthy things and get your Adsense account approved on the first attempt.

My Adsense account approval story:

Let me be frank with you.

I had little fear in my mind that my account may get rejected because my website is quite new.

This fear aggravated after I have read some articles about eligibility, requirements, blah blah blah ……..about Google Adsense account approval.

They talked of so many things which further worsened my fears.

But I ignored many of those crap rules and ensured only those things that build real trust with Google.(both for Adsense and SEO trust)

I have submitted my website for approval on 27th October 2017.

Google said, “Your Adsense application has been submitted and is being reviewed. You will receive reply within 3 days to your email”

I have waited eagerly for the email for there is no way to check the status of the application.

On the third day i.e on 30th October, I have seen a visitor from the United States who viewed various pages of my website such as About, privacy policy, sitemap, contact and some posts to check the originality of the content.

I rightly guessed there is someone from Google Adsense review team.

I have received this account approval email by the evening on the same day:

Adsense Approved e-mail sample

Interesting….. my first simple breakthrough after starting a new website. This gave me much confidence to move further on my journey.

The status of my website at the time of approval:

  • Domain age is about 9 months but actual live website age is just 5 months( I researched enough about profitable niches, cheap and best web hosts and learned some basic skills in writing, Javascript, CSS and PHP in those 4 months)
  • A traffic of about 300 unique visitors per month including search engine traffic and direct traffic
  • My domain is on HTTP server not on https
  • Total published posts are just 10.
  • Contained essential pages like about, contact, privacy policy etc
  • There was not even a single do follow backlink
Bonus tip: My every new post appears in Google search results instantly after publishing. Check out how I submit new URL to Google SERPs instantly

Now it’s time for me to share with you those factors that contributed to trust and thereby approval by Google Adsense.

7 easy to implement quality factors for Adsense Approval:

My website had the factors that contributed to approval and I will mention them here. Make sure that you follow these simple things for a fast and hassle-free approval of your Google Adsense account.

#1. Write Content that adds value:

No need for me to mention that content is king. Someone visits your website to gain something but not to click on ads.

Provide them valuable content with least possible words of length. I have published 10 posts of minimum 1000 words each with tons of value for bloggers.This compelled Google Adsense to hit Approve button.

You may not need to publish at least 1000 word articles like me but ensure that you do add enough value on the topic depending on your niche.

#2. Publish Four Important trust building pages:

Your website needs to publish some important pages that build trust for both your visitors and search engines.These pages are thoroughly verified by Adsense team before approving.

1. About Page:

Do you listen to and take advice from someone who is completely unknown to you?

Certainly, you don’t.

The same is true with your website. A website without About page is like a dancing superstar with his face covered. No one recognizes him and honors him.

Make sure to publish an about page that clearly describes why your website exists, what value you are going to add to your visitors and who are going to be the authors.

2. Contact Page:

Someone who is actively involved with your website loves to talk to you.

There are some brands who may find interest in advertising on your website.

There exist users who provide valuable feedback, suggestions and ask questions to improve your content.

Make sure you have a simple contact page that makes them easy to leave you a message if they wish to do so.

If you don’t want to reveal your email address just create a WordPress contact page.

3. Privacy Policy Page:

People trust those who are transparent.

There are some things on your website that may trigger privacy concerns of your visitors.

They are the use of cookies, google analytics tracking, network IP address tracking, log files etc your web browser records to improve the user experience.

Create a simple privacy policy page that transparently reveals what private data you may collect from your visitors.

4. Disclaimer Page:

You always try to provide valuable advice to your visitors.They may use the information in a wrong way to make them say “oh shit! ”.You are not responsible for their mistake.This is what you mention in your disclaimer that you are not responsible for the mishappenings by consuming your website content.

Affiliate disclaimer:

You may sell some affiliate products on your blog. You need to reveal transparently to your users that you may receive some affiliate commission if they purchase your promoted products.

In fact, it is a legal requirement for some countries like the United States.

Publish a simple disclaimer page and reveal these things to stay safe legally

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(I will visit your blog and will personally advise you on improving your blog’s income for free)

#3. Choose a theme with Clean and neat layout:

Do you read content on a website that irritates your retina?

Do you love a website that bombards you with repeated pop up?

Certainly, you don’t.

Make sure to choose a theme that makes users to easily consume what you offer to your visitors.

For text content, a white background with black text color is comfortable and recommended.

Makes sure your website design is visually appealing for your visitors.

You need not purchase a premium theme for this but you can select a free theme with good design and coding.

I have chosen a highly customizable free theme and customized it in to look like a premium theme by using CSS and PHP coding.

#4. Ensure Easy Navigation:

The most visited page on your website is generally your homepage.

Someone may want to read latest blog posts, some to purchase your products and some to sign up or sign in.

Provide them a quick way to access related articles and categories on your blog.

Make an easy navigation menu that helps them access what they are looking for.

#5. Publish Minimum of 10 posts:

Who on earth comes to a website just to click on ads?

They should get sufficient content to consume before their eyeballs go on ad banners.

Make sure to publish at least 10 awesome articles that create the first impression to your users before applying for Adsense.

The first impression is the best impression.

Gain best first impression of your visitors with at least 10 posts and then think of Adsense account and approval.

#6. Temporarily disable opt-in popups:

Pro bloggers use opt-in popups to catch their visitor emails.This is a great way for your blog and business growth.

You may also be using an optin popup on your website.

But, some visitors do not like seeing pop-ups, so does Adsense reviewer. Adsense approval process takes just 3 days.

The sky is not going to fall down if you just disable them for three days.(your traffic is generally low at the time you apply for Adsense)

This creates a good impression to the reviewer to make you stand out from others.

#7. Remove Ads from other networks temporarily:

Other networks have less stringent norms and relatively easy approval process.

Before getting approval from Adsense, you may be using other networks to keep you going on your earnings.

If so, try to remove those ads for these 3 days of the approval process.

Though it’s not a norm for Adsense to remove other ads, you will show more value delivery motto than income making motto.

Final thoughts on Adsense account Approval:

An approved Adsense account helps you in many ways.Though you may prefer affiliate marketing as first monetization technique, you can use Adsense on other small niche sites of yours.

Never apply for Adsense in a hurry and get rejected.This will demoralize you in an unrepairable way.

I am sure if you sincerely follow the quick and trust building factors I have shared with you today, you will certainly see an approved account and live Google ads on your site

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